The end of the theoretical



Recently I attended a speech given by Alexander Dugin who was providing an explanation of, and generally promoting, his latest book, The Fourth Political Theory. I think that I would not be too far from the mark if I ventured that, following the hour long monologue, most members of the audience were only vaguely aware of the the Forth Political Theory actually was and the questions that followed attested to this observation. Of more paramount importance to me, however, was the underplay of the role of the Jews in the steady ruination of the United States of America – a nation Dugin clearly regards with distaste – and the somewhat capricious conviction that race is a “social construct” (something that Dugin reaffirmed when questioned before departing the function room).

The interaction of verbosity and the complete misapprehension of reality led me to begin writing an article entitled The Metaphysical Malaise, but after the first few paragraphs I came to the realisation that my outpourings required tempering and the prose was merely reactionary hot air; a lashing out as opposed to a decisive blow. What was intrinstically wrong with the garrulousness of Dugin and others – Alain de Benoist being the middle speaker of three – was not the flurry of conceptualisation or the deception in relation to known anthropology and the inordinate Jewish/Zionist influence on the Occident, its roots were to be found much deeper and it was to those obtrusive tubers that I felt my attention should be focused.

The end of the theoretical

Utopiatarianism [mass noun] : a suppositional psychosis relating to the aspiration and attainment of a paradise born from a technique of regulating Cause by intimating impossible Effect.

To appreciate utopiatarianism one must first examine the theoretical and practical aspirational behaviour patterns native to humans. Human life exists because of aspiration, it is this, even more than language and morality, that distinguishes Homo Sapiens from the remaining animal life on Earth. Whether it be wealth or happiness, power or immortality, the idea that Arcadia can be procured via the negotiation of contracts or the submission to a store of tenets and rituals, festers within the very nucleus of most systems of belief. It is the epitome of the Conclusion; that existence somehow has an achievable purpose (and consequently an ending) for the individual to relish or possess.

The assurance that Heaven, or Avalon, or Valhalla, or Elysium awaits the righteous post-mortem inculcates a sense of worth and endows a single life with intention and dulls the senses to the ever encroaching prospect of death.  And, indeed, cushioned by a virtuous morality, the ambitions of our kind can be directed towards positive endeavour, but the reverse is also equally as true.

It is a heightened sense of morality (the Aryan Morality) that separates Homo Sapiens Sapiens from the rump of the human subspecies. Without a physical and metaphysical inclination towards a “higher calling”, supported by a proportional ethical code, normative White society would not only be redundant, the stabilisation of civilisation itself would become impossible. Brutality can be employed as a mechanism to subjugate a group whose aspirations do not reflect that of the potentates, but a far more efficacious methodology is to deform the collective subconsciousness and depreciate an innate spiritual longing. In recent history, we can observe the repercussions of the imposition of barbarous communism on one house of Europe and decadent liberal democracy on another – the former now being more resilient to ethnic genocide than the latter.

That being said, there is a deeper understanding that exerts influence on the crowd – and the ensuing herd – and is it conspicuously evident in those who exist on the social extremities: survival. Survival and Aspiration, these frequently contradictory impulses represent, in the former, the ancient physiological disclosure that man is still irresistibly anchored in the mortal realm, and, in the latter, the central psychic coda of Mankind as the crowning manifestation of our planet’s abundant fauna. Because being reckoned as a accepted component within the herd delivers the privilege of assumed safety, those at the fringes are not only presumed dangerous but they themselves better acknowledge emerging perils that the herd itself fails to gauge and prepare for due to its myopic contentment.

Utopiatarianism is directly antagonistic towards survival because it deprives the individual of his vital relationship with the eternal. In its rawest form, a creed rooted by aspiration ensures that the individual must behave in the manner contrived by doctrine, something that attempts to suborn him into defying nature by venerating an afterlife, for instance, to the detriment of all else, or at least that which does not readily feature in dogma or in the verbal sermons of the covetous preacher. The aspirations of the congregation are skillfully engineered not for the purposes of survival, which should be the primary consideration of all undertakings, but to the introverted anxiety for a nonexistent soul and the aggrandisement of a doctrinal hierarchy.

This is true, although to a lesser extent, in the cases of modern ideological theories, or metapolitics as many now designate such thoughts. Submission of the person to the state, whether it be in the guise of fascism or communism, draws its essence from the aspirational hallmarks of humanity. In these instances, the definition of the state is irrelevant, it is the understanding of how the scales may be tipped in favour of the theoretical to the potential detriment of the palpable that is crucially important in the sphere of modern ideopolitics. Turning away from the perpetually evolving Whole and rejoicing in the stifling but hospitable embrace of thesis and politics, unavoidably results in the repetition of past misdemeanours, errors, and misjudgments and untold injury to our genetic inheritance and thus our survival.

For the sake of fascism, nationalism is required, while socialism is the fuel that animates communism. Nevertheless, neither grappled with the fundamental requirement for survival. During the early half of the Twentieth century, fascism and communism attempted to destroy one another. In fact, it is truer to say that fascism was pinned between those Western nations in the death grip of Jewish-sanctioned nationalism and those in the death grip of Jewish-inspired socialism. Underestimation of the power of an enemy eliminated fascism and, at the same moment, brought low nationalism, replacing it with universal egalitarian socialism (which is not, for the sake of clarity, the absolute antithesis of nationalism) and a tepid national “conservativism”.

Nationalism should not, however, be repaired and positioned back atop the mantle because it suffers from the same staple deficiency that ended fascism. Not only is nationalism not an ideology – it is merely the result of birth, geography, and a healthy code of ethics – but it tends towards utopiatarianism rather than survivalism. White nations waging war among themselves for aspirational purposes fulminates against survival. In this respect, it is imperative that White countries substitute racialism for nationalism. Should this occur, no ideological compunction can threaten us and no enemy or internal traitor, including those possessed with strong and terminal aspirations, will be capable of orchestrating further prolific fratricides.

Racialism is devoted to the continuation of a genetic inheritance rather than of nation states (borders, flags, heroes, institutions, traditions, and so on) and is therefore to be judged as a significant integrant in survivalism. Certainly competition and cultural diversity are important, but such things must be viewed as subordinate to the survival of the whole. Neo-tribalism impels racialism still further and concentrates and exalts the twin truths of survival and advancement: those who cannot endure are outlasted by those who can. The distillation of race into tribe is the next great paradigm shift and will represent the initial phase of our conscious evolution towards a new tribe, a new social order, and a new age of man.

In present enervated Western democracies, we witness utopiatarianism being strategically strengthened by the negation of both religious sentiment and a basic miscomprehension of the mortal realm. Therefore mass consumers – or the vast majority of Europeans and those of European descent around the world – invest in their material goods a significance that provides their existence with value (aspiration) while drawing a veil across the unappealing notions that they will inevitably cease to be and that the accumulated wealth and possessions of a lifetime cannot accompany them, nor did their fleeting moment under the sun acquire any meaningful significance. This New Religion is both shallow in depth, narrow in breadth, and vacuous in content, but it at least pledges to fulfill the aspirational requirements of those whose connection with both the perishable and incorporeal kingdoms have been severed. Under these starving conditions, genetic survival is drastically reforged and takes on the form of the immediate, the personal, and the carnal. In truth, survival no longer exists in the West and as such the West will assuredly die.

To inspire the survival instinct, those who routinely cogitate too much – whether contrived and sponsored by our enemies or through some mutated intellectual capacity – insist upon reevaluating, and often reworking, all theoretical notions that can be applied to human beings. Acting like colour-blind academics competing to manipulate a monstrous Rubik’s cube, these professional thinkers confuse competing concepts of utopiatarianism, existentialism, and numerous peripheral hypotheses that are diametrically hostile to actual, real-world knowledge and experience and – accounting for verisimilitude – fact, both past and present. By deliberately disregarding monolithic realities, these theorists prepare their audience for Aspiration while effectively sabotaging Survival. Any rehashed conviction that does not take into account the substantial and the obvious or that which Western science and empirical study has identified as true, no matter how unsavoury or unfashionable, is at best a whimsical work of fiction and at worst a harmful hinderance, no matter how many millions of willing participants both for and against its teachings it might one day facilitate the liquidation of.

Aspiration must first be underpinned with the prosaic concrete of actuality. In broader language, all ideas that touch upon the political, metapolitical, and theoretical, simply cannot linger upon unnecessary speculation or intentionally condone any topic or activity that in some manner may unduly effect the survival of those to whom the aspirational vision is proposed.

What then is the Fourth Political Theory? The answer is that it really does not matter. It matters even less what the first, second or third theories were because the fourth will be our final foray into the abstract; the end of the theoretical before reality, and extinction, engulfs us all. It is similarly inevitable that politics – the elephantine domain that, in parallel with economics, has grown too prodigiously for its proverbial boots – must again be relegated to the polity boiler house where it was once featured as a functional but uninspiring machine, rationally calculating and predicting, and generally concerning itself with the techniques of administration and statesmanship and not the spiritual salubrity of a racial group.

Unlike the loquacious personalities of the New Right, the realists within our fragmented movement are able to discern our environment and have separated prey from predator; ally from foe. We comprehend the task appointed to us by the vestigial whispers of our antecedents and in the inaudible echo of our posterity. Our purpose is not the recreation of political theories, it is not even to rebuke those who formulate these daydreams, it is very simply to continue to follow the thread of our existence for all time, all else is of superficial substance.

Ideology and belief will become alloyed; the synergy of Western Science and applied survival. Faith will discover its undying womb in Fact and within the great tomes of our coming New Tribe will be written the ineradicable mantra, “Survival and for all time. Survival and at all costs. Long Live the New Tribe”. There is to be no promised land, only the enduring potential of infinite evolution and amelioration. Nothing can be permitted to impede or adulterate our endless survival, our new aspiration.


4 thoughts on “The end of the theoretical

  1. Max Musson says:

    Hi Nick, in paragraph eleven of the above article you state, ” In this respect, it is imperative that White countries substitute nationalism for racialism”, but don’t you mean the other way around, that racialism should be substituted for (i.e. in place of) nationalism?


  2. RM says:

    A response to your recent article.

    That was interesting to see a mention of this Dugin on the site, i’m glad to see you’re not into political folly with ambiguous, unstable, ideological chimeras, though I will mention here a good tour de force of why we create these theories (and their implications to biological survival.. and technological innovation) and views like them come into existence.

    I’m frequently arguing against what could be this unrealistic, ‘neo-communist’ eurasian slave morality, i.e. uniting the oppressed to overthrow.. ‘the elite’.. i.e. Americanism.. which is funny because this too had a similar origin, but it led to what is called a progress trap (i’ll mention again in a minute).

    I see Eurasianism and Americanism as two competing slave moralities that have their evolutionary origin in inter-ethnic conflict, Eurasianism firstly by an ethnic master-caste of the Rus acting on a slavic peasantry, Americanism secondly by the ethnic master-caste of the Normans acting on an anglo-saxon peasantry.

    It is interesting to take note that the master-caste is biological determined in world view, and the slave-caste is technological determined; liberal democracy with its genetically maladaptive behaviour is strongly supportive of technological growth — Is it any wonder that Britain, America and the Soviet union were all heavy industrialists? The slave morality catalyses rapid overthrow of biological determined hierarchies, using the crutch of technology to augment otherwise biologically inferior from their eternal hereditary slavery, technology is used as an extra set of knees or elbows by the undercastes to instigate themselves as their own elites and wend their way through loopholes to pick the doors to their cages open.

    This is the root of our present biological degeneration, an overthrow of sociobiology and nature-as-it-were for nature-as-it-(th)ought-to-be.

    The slave moralities of americanism (major root of liberal democracy) and eurasianism (major root of communism), or even the religions themselves (helped to catalyse ethno-political reactions) can be perceived as progress traps — they helped peasants to overthrow their masters, they worked so well that they worked too well and killed the biologically determined yolk advocated by an exclusive ethnic caste of elite, and seditiously impregnated it (and them) with a raceless (biophobic) viral vector of ideology containing the unbridled technological determinism. Jews have used this method to overthrow gentile Egyptian sociobiology B.C., Anglo-saxons did it to overthrow Norman sociobiology 1776 1865, Slavs in Russia did this to overthrow the Rus 1917 (to whom their name Russian is derived), Gauls did this to overthrow the Franks in the French Revolution 1789. etc.. you get the idea! All the accompanying theories and enlightenments are all explosions of this World created continually by inter ethnic conflict. The World as the fledgeling cosmos, like a volcano spewing out technologically determined stuff onto the crust of the primordial biology, slave technology over the biological master, where everything was assumed, all instincts were eternal.. until they met the undercrust; the tool turning on the tool maker; of what was downtrodden; of what Nietzsche called subterranean morality, slave morality.

    (As a strange, eagle eyed view of this phenomena of ethnic conflict and juxtaposed alliances between biology and technology within a civilisation; perhaps the cosmos and all its subsets being evolutionary products — with a long ancestry that through selection for continued existence — has long since filtered out any paths, things or stuff that did not lead to the reproduction and continuation of the cosmos. The biological degeneration is part of the drive for life to externalise itself beyond terrestrial chemicals, boundaries, ecosystems by the focus on technology and not biology, however, it is exhausting and periodically leads to the collapse of complex societies/ civilisations when they go beyond their peak. History can be seen as as pseudo-cyclical phenomena, of new life and new death, but add them all together and it appears as a long wave with crests and troughs, rising and then falling, biological and then technology; history as a SINUSOIDAL motion when all time is considered, not simply cyclical or linear, a bit of both — but slowly they are building upon one another like a volcano spewing out unnatural forms, products, relationships, chemicals.. everything.. adding new darwinian dimensions and horrors that the fledgeling cosmos has no prior direct experience with or exposure to, our ‘World’ capital W ever more detached from the simple space and dimensions to which our forms are evolutionarily preconditioned to survive in.)

    I’ve mentioned Mitchell Heisman before, this is partially where i’m deriving that understanding from as reading it, I read myself into it, it resonated with many of my forethought on the subject; every sickness and suffering we have now has a reason and purpose, even if a progress trap to catalyse new emergent reactions, and these things wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t meant i.e. wasn’t physically possible to happen. Nature removes the pretty primordial mask and reveals a grotesque inner mantle frightening everything, casting dismay and fatalistic nihilism into those who cannot recover from exposure to this void (Heisman himself, apparently!)

    In the mean time, our World and those within it suffer sharp edges and flays as our old skin of instincts are shed in metamorphosis; we are FORCED now to develop ourselves beyond blind instinct, to gain consciousness of instinct itself (or not), to abstract and symbolize it (or not), and to manipulate that.. and it’s very very dangerous. It leads to “progress traps” (worth looking up) where what worked, has worked too well for survival in the short term (i.e. running mammoths off a cliff in huge herds) that then leads to extinction of that method or way of life (i.e. no mammoths left, i.e. no recoverable CRUDE OIL as we drive it over a proverbial cliff of Peak Oil) that may then lead to entirely WEIRD adaptations and emergent phenomena to deal with that trap, like agriculture.. or my fiction of supercellular organisms that will one day synergise the relationship between biology and technology further into a greater living system.

    Our theoretical theatrics lead us into progress traps where we assume on incomplete information, because our conditions are changing at an accelerated rate as more unnatural, exo-natural, alienated stuff like abstracts, ideas, tools, and unfamiliar matter, shapes and forms are spewed out continually into the World and no one knows what on Earth is happening; we are used more and more like unwitting tools to a nature or a thing we know nothing of.

    It is with this understanding that you should understand the origin of our current progress trap, both a product of the cosmos continually spewing out new trials and forms, that have never been directly experienced before, continually emerging new stuff out of the old and primordial, via paradoxically the mechanism of clever and enlightened ethnic cleansing of elites that also scorched the ground of assumptions of heredity, all assumptions of anything being eternal being overthrown and replaced with utopian ought-to-be’s, with tools, the tools then taking control of the tool maker. There is method in the madness, but it is not necessarily pleasant to us here and now, but we will recover

    Racialism is too broad a scope to apply locally, biologically and technologically, genetically and memetically, we are much much more complex than this, you have intersecting ethnic groups catalysing political reactions, you have memetic superstructures around the genetic i.e. religions that further condition and catalyse political reactions from the genes, you have epigenetic or what I call biocultural scarification of ethnic castes that is inherited, the root of slave morality in prior conquests and defeats that scars the memories, that haunt future generations. Likewise you MUST have ethno-racialism, like a blood vessel and capillaries branching out into ever more finer veins, increasing the surface area to volume — increasing the ethnic area to racial volume to facilitate ethno-political reactions, the source of our promethean ‘aryan morality’ as you guys call it — it doesn’t make sense to apply blunt and broad to the scale of race because without ethnic dynamism, our race is a dead, fossil race, meaningless, stagnant and base.


    1. ngrifford says:

      From aspirationalism; to nationalism; to racialism; to tribalism and beyond. Much in the same manner as magic mutates into religion which, to a greater or lesser extent amongst the subspecies of man, collides with and is conquered by blanket science. The search for the self and the purpose of the selves was never to be found in the aspirations and postponement of personal responsibility of magic or religion or even politics, ideology and pure science. Through the union of undiluted, applied science and (as you put it) ethno-racialism (or as I might term it) neo-tribalism, we will not only provide for a more preferable iteration of our kind – globally – but we will also restore the technological advantage that has, until recently, kept our racial competitors at bay and maintained human life on Earth.

      It is interesting that many of the revolutions you cite involved a significant Jewish/Khazaric catalyst, which is also the case in relation to the revolution against the planet in terms of its fauna, flora, and elemental resources. The adoption of the Jew Code (the self as opposed to the eternal) was not necessary adopted from the Jews, it seems to be a strain that meanders throughout the ages; a compunction that is essentially dormant until the arrival of a propitious set of circumstances and a favourable social environment. Unfortunately for our people, this mercenary ethic can be vitalised by our own unique progressive propensities and so we witness the glorious, practical advances of the industrial “revolution” as well as its sweeping horrors. Until this epoch, the counter moral was evident in universalism, liberalism and socialism – giving birth to our Aryan Morality or, as Kerry Bolton has recently offered, although in slightly more narrow language, a Pathological Altruism – which have proven equally as destructive to our fading race.


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