Left-wing, Right-wing, and Overlapping

FarageWith the steady rise in interest in traditional conservatism, it would be remiss of us to ignore the similarities that exist between the convictions held within our own movement and those of the Left and Right of British politics. It would appear on the surface that White Nationalism (Racialism) has more in common with the “far” Right than with the “extreme” Left and, indeed, at this moment in time many British nationalists are offering their support to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), primary due to pronounced policies on immigration and Britain’s role in the European Union.

White Nationalists are certainly opposed to mass immigration because of the irreversibly adverse effect on our gene pool, and the European Union is little more than communism for the post-cold war era, however, there are surprising overlaps with other current political entities. The Green party, for example, sets forth the following policy:

“The Green Party wants a reformed Europe with governing institutions designed to resist capture by corporations and instead work democratically and cooperatively in the public interest. We will promote self-determination of nations and regions acting independently on local issues, whilst protecting the ability to cooperate on global issues that affect us all, like fisheries protection, climate change or human rights.”

More from the Green Party:

“Work will pay at least a living wage – ensuring a good quality of life – with a citizen’s pension providing dignified retirement. Tax contributions will match ability to pay.

“To protect and support our economy, we will separate retail and investment banks and empower communities with a network of not-for-profit lenders.

“We will support cooperative, diverse and resilient local economies to meet our needs while reversing the status-seeking wealth concentration that is deepening social divisions and destroying the natural world. We will regulate, tax and invest to protect workers’ rights, support socially beneficial businesses and safeguard the ecosystems on which we rely.”

I am certain that few reading this will find very much to wrangle with here, but the Green party does not tackle our racial problem (the certainty that we are on the very verge of extinction and that we appear to be collectively de-evolving) nor does it address any other core White Nationalist principle and it is therefore of little consequence to our movement. The Green path certainly converges with ours on a number of issues but these concerns should be considered as peripheral to us and our cause.

Equivalently, the Conservatives have invariably stood for healthy, natural competition – whether that be in education or the wider economy in general – and the Labour movement has traditionally championed the rights of the working man. These scrupulous ideals would, without much doubt, find home in any National Socialist camp. Still, the Right and the Left fail to tackle the destructive coda of internationalism, which is the predominant driving force behind the ravaging and wholesale impairment of the British economy. These pillars of the political establishment extol the virtues of the most deleterious ingredients of the now odious Occidental broth, including universal socialism, Jewish Supremacy, and the short-sighted and suicidal Keynesian economic model.

We are informed that UKIP are different and that the convergence of policy with ours is providential enough to elicit our support. The following quotations from the leader of the right-wing United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage, should provide the reader with some insight into the underpinning ethos of this group. On internationalism:

Should we impose tariffs? No… heading down the protectionist route… we saw this back in the nineteen thirties when countries turned protectionist… heading down the protectionist route is a disaster… Britain’s future is as a global trading nation.”

Mr Farage – the public school educated son of a stockbroker and a former stockbroker himself – has also gone on record as saying:

“A UKIP vote on this specific issue is a vote that says to the political class we want to have control, but we say that in a spirit of wanting to live in a country that is at ease with itself as opposed to saying it in a spirit which is highly discriminatory about other ethnic and minority groups in this country.”

On the subject of integration and diversity (read White British Genocide), Mr Farage states:

“I would say, proudly, we have had the best relations between communities in Britain of any country in Europe. We’ve been liberal, open-minded and generally had a pretty happy society.

“We are fearful that this current situation is leading to a rapidly deteriorating sense of relations between communities.

“And I think the evidence for that is that you’ve seen an increase in British National Party votes in urban areas.”

On the topic of Jews and Israel (White Nationalists appreciate the ruinous repercussions of allowing Jews to attain prominence in fields as diverse as the mass media of news and entertainment, finance, business, education, politics, and the arts) Mr Farage opines:

“There is within the European institutions a very strong anti-Israel bias,

“I would almost say — and I am bit nervous of saying this — there’s almost a new trendy form of antisemitism creeping in…

“I could show you, within the last three months, transcripts of several dozen speeches in the European Parliament.

“There is a fundamental dislike of Israel, but it’s more than that. And we find that objectionable and worrying.”

It is apparent that when viewing the contemporary political spectrum through a critical lens, our movement has feasibly more in common with the Left-leaning Green Party than the inappropriately named United Kingdom Independence Party.  On the crucial, axiological concerns expressed by our movement (the survival, proliferation, and development of our race; the Jewish Question; egalitarianism; historical revisionism; internationalism; usurious banking and so on) UKIP – and its leader more particularly – represents our polar opposite. With this thought in mind, it should come as no surprise to the Enlightened the next time Nigel Farage attacks White Eastern Europeans seeking paid work while remaining patently silent in relation to the millions of nonwhites who have already colonised our nation and are breeding as if the devil were driving them.

Are we so demoralised, weak-minded, and impotent that we must put stock in the false prophets of our enemies? I can only assume that democracy – and the prurient notion that the general public can be influenced by a racialist perspective – has a significant role to play in this phantasmagorical act of faith.


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