The New Model

The New Tribe

The idea of the New Model of existence is as primeval as it is revolutionary.

The individual is incapable of serving the tribe without purpose and genetic cohesion; communities cannot exist without coherent individuals; and without a lucid society there can be no forward movement: no survival, no proliferation, and no development.

The obtrusions of malignant, manufactured societies force those of us capable of attempting to survive to tribalise along racial fault lines. We must now also subdivide based on the ideological awareness of our living environment. From this understanding will emerge a New Social Order and from that exceptional crucible will arise an immaculate New Tribe of White people, far more able – in every respect – than their predecessors.

This is not merely a vague inclination or prudent counsel, gauging the irregular habits, voting history, and widespread demeanour of the majority population, it is clear that what we espouse is categorically a matter of life or death, of survival or extinction. Those who wish to remain a part of the existing Old Order are free to continue to do so. Those who are overwhelmed by the unbearable nature of contemporary existence must release themselves from its stifling embrace.

~ The Microcosm (the individual) must reflect the Macrocosm (our New Social Order) in every detail and, in this divine synthesis, a New World will emerge from the ruins of the old ~

One crucial, if not fatal, flaw that has been identified in modern White people is their idiosyncratic Aryan Morality, a unique phenomena which has been described thusly:

“This is our sense of fair play, tolerance, charity, chivalry, universal justice, and equality; it is why we generally abhor cruelty to animals, including humans; it is why there is a global ‘conservation’ movement; it is why the other races and sub-species of planet Earth have not been exterminated by our kind over the course of our own technological evolution. Our Aryan Morality is quite possibility totally incompatible with any sense of true racism or tribal loyalty, something which we will require in order to exist as a unique and defined human sub-species.

A great many Zionists, for instance, have gained the upper hand within our traditional societies by subverting our inherent instincts and exploiting our natural flaws. This cabal cannot compete with us in terms of genius, empire building, or the creation of civilisation and, as these achievements broadly represent the font of all wealth, they seek us out as vampire bats flock to domesticated mammals. A healthy, racially-aware, and homogenous White society will dominate and tame the environment and its inhabitants; they will invent and develop and create works of unique brilliance and cultural significance. A White society corrupted by greed, permissiveness, and racial integration has lost its defensive resilience against nefarious alien influence.”

In order to effectively mitigate against the negative impact of our pathological ethical creed, we at frist must identify it, acutely appreciate the ramifications of its mismanagement, and finally underscore it for future generations to fathom, scrutinise and, provided enough time, circumvent.

Like scores of tribes of similar people before us, we have finally accepted that we can no longer endure the burden of those who are essentially treading the path towards self destruction. It is our responsibility to decamp and sculpt our own destiny as a distinctive, developing group.

 ~ From the New Tribe a New World will emerge ~

The New Model is rooted in the following seven principles:

  1. We are White;
  2. Our purpose and responsibility is to ensure our survival, proliferation, and development;
  3. We do not accept the aberrations of homosexuality, equality, and miscegenation;
  4. We shall achieve immortality through our renown and our genetic inheritance;
  5. These truths transcend current national borders;
  6. These truths shall not be subject to amendment, negotiation, or adulteration;
  7. These truths supersede all other considerations.

~ We understand our past and now look to the future, towards a New Tribe, a New Consciousness, and a New Social Order ~

The White Race

There are five zoological subspecies of Man:

  • Homo sapiens sapiens (Caucasoid)
  • Homo sapiens afer (Negroid)
  • Homo sapiens americanus (Amerind)
  • Homo sapiens asiaticus (Mongoloid)
  • Homo sapiens tasmanianus (Australoid)

If one is faithful to the truth that White people of European descent around the world – the Indo-European branch (or “race”) of the Homo sapiens sapiens subspecies – must survive, proliferate and develop, eventually cresting the evolutionary apogee represented by our New Tribe, then a critical turning point has been reached.

Only those of exclusively Eurpopean descent, genetically unblemished by rival human subspecies and their concomitant ethnic groups, and who are unreservedly accepted by their peers, can identify themselves as White. Only those who are White and who completely submit to our Idea can identify themselves as formative members of the New Tribe.

While being White is the benchmark criterion of association, full ratification cannot be attained unless acceptance of and complete submission to the Idea is realised.

~ The creative energies of growth derive from the genes. The degree and scope of drive trace back to inheritance. Culture imprints the outlets of energy, but it does not determine the potential push of the organism against obstacles ~

Survival, Proliferation and Development – The Three Precepts

Survival, of our genetic inheritance for all time. There is no Good and Evil, there is simply survival and extinction. Survival must be at any cost and in perpetuity.

Proliferation, of the race and across the entire surface of the planet and beyond. No longer will our defective and unbridled Aryan Morality inhibit our people and halt their advancement across the globe.

Development, of our people on their evolutionary passage towards the infinite understanding of our role and position in the cosmos. Full maturation will occur in the physical visitation of the New Tribe.

Our purpose is to survive, proliferate and develop. Any who oppose, obstruct, or who would misdirect these core canons, are to be considered enemies of the Idea and of our people.

~ War and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your sympathy, but your bravery has saved the unfortunate ~

Aberrations of the Idea

We must only need tolerate that which benefits our New Social Order, everything else should be rejected and resisted without compromise or reservation.

Rejection of democracy and the psychosis of equality; of homosexuality and other consequential defects and disorders; of miscegenation and dysgenics; of excessive consumption and libertarianism; of dishonour and irresponsibility; of any conviction, deed, or trend that is contrary to the Idea.

No longer will we be manipulated by and famed and scorned for our misguided forbearance, permissiveness, indulgence and complaisance. Our New Tribe will therefore be as uncompromising and unforgiving towards others as it will be compassionate towards its own. This definitive moral balance will come to represent our New Morality.

~ Those therefore who direct their attention to the propagation of the human species ought to guard against everything which is dissimilar and imperfect; for neither plants nor animals when imperfect are prolific ~

Immortality through renown and our genetic inheritance

There is no afterlife but there is a fleeting chance to obtain immortality via three distinct routes:

  1. Immediate genetic benefaction – the successful rearing of healthy offspring; protecting and nurturing them, both mentally and physically, until they are qualified to secure their own existence;
  2. An eminent and influential existence – the great fame of one’s deeds and the special worth of a rare, notable life;
  3. The continuation of the tribe – guarding and nourishing our burgeoning New Tribe, in whose genetic inheritance we share and in whose collective memory we will endure forever.

In all instances some degree of private relinquishment is necessary. The incorporation of the individual into the Whole is a cornerstone of the New Model, and yet there are no constraints on the individual not to excel and establish his place in the pantheon of significant personal accomplishment. Human achievement is the propellant of the White race and genius and remarkable heroism are sporadically made manifest in us far more frequently than in other human subspecies.

Like the generations of leaves, the lives of mortal men. Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth, now the living timber bursts with the new buds and spring comes round again. And so with men: as one generation comes to life, another dies away  ~

The Idea transcends current national borders

No longer will nationalism divide our people; no longer will conservatism retard our progress. The dilapidated compass of the past has been rejected by those who can now completely submit to the Idea; our new and flawless compass has identified the correct trajectory for our people.

Arbitrary borders cannot contain or frustrate the Idea; minor cultural peculiarities will not be permitted to cause contention and acrimony among the formative members of the New Tribe. Never again will we decimate ourselves as a result of the cruel choreographing of politics and the agitation of outmoded chauvinisms. Everything that is yet to be belongs to us; the future is the New Tribe.

~ The future of Europe must be that of a White Imperium, governed by a council of the nations who work tirelessly for the survival, proliferation, and development of our race. Not only is Europe our continent, but every landmass on Earth that we conquer shall be a legacy for our progeny. The stewards of this White Imperium must prudently avoid the fate of their prominent predecessor empires by emphasising racial self-determination and prohibiting slavery for all time. During our expansion across the globe, our vanquished racial competitors cannot be suffered to reside among us and must be expelled in their entirely. It is paramount that the myopic motivations of the Old Order (peace and prosperity) are supplanted by the compulsion to proliferate and develop. In order to expand we require unlimited ‘lebensraum’ and for our development, conflict; these imperatives irresistibly function in unison ~

The Idea shall not be subject to amendment, negotiation, or adulteration

Our Idea – our Truth – is all that needs to be. From the exhaustive understanding of our present plight, a new caste will appear, and it shall strive relentlessly to secure the existence of our genetic inheritance for all time. Not only will complete submission to the Idea sustain us spiritually, it will also abrogate further enemy imposition; the children of the Idea will never accept or accede to the fraudulent translation of reality foisted upon the modern Occident by their racial enemies and renegades.

Through the accession of the Idea, the New Tribe will be evinced. The Idea must remain uncorrupted by the present, compliant, Aryan Morality and those who have been biologically tainted by the competing races and subspecies of Man.

~ You mustn’t act yourself, you must obey, you must give in, you must submit to the overwhelming need to obey ~

The Idea supersedes all other considerations

An end to the slavish adherence to previous political, spiritual and cultural memes. Partisan affiliations will be replaced with submission to the Idea. Contemporary religious inklings or devotion will be replaced with submission to the Idea. Destructive or unrestrained social outpourings will be replaced with submission to the Idea.

The peripheral and the superfluous, if in contradiction to the Idea or the attainment of our New Social Order, must be discarded. All concepts, actions, lifestyles and pastimes that may damage the creation of our New Social Order, must be spurned. There is now only the Idea, there is now only the pursuit of the New Tribe.

~ Long Live the New Tribe ~


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