Code of the New Tribe

The New TribeWe have frequently taken it upon ourselves to dismiss the Aryan Morality as something of beneficial worth in relation to securing the immediate existence of our people and, in the fullness of time, the production of a New Tribe.

Indelible defects in our ethical credo have permitted our racial enemies and domestic renegades to exploit what was previously a discriminative survival attribute and amplify it to embrace all living organisms, including competing human subspecies and races. This universalism was coaxed out of our collective subconscious with extreme care but it did not require any substantial degree of effort. Because our race has, uniquely among the tribes of sentient anthropoids, conquered the globe and conceived almost everything of material worth, a vestigial awareness that we are somehow superior developed, was nurtured during, and attained maturation towards the zenith of, the earth-spanning British empire.

It is a valuable (though likely fatal) lesson to learn how uninhibited hubris possesses the latent potency to bring low even the mightiest nation of Man, and that a naive underestimation of our genetic competitors may well now extirpate our race for all time. Furthermore, we should remain chary of extolling our racial superiority given the steady decline in our stock since the second fratricidal European war and the conspicuous lack of any notable success in countering our ethnic cleansing since approximately 1960. The smiling, bumbling, deferential “Sambo” of yore has become a desirable mate, a threatening presence, a wolf among sheep.

The antithesis of our racial arrogance was not demonstrated as a mild symptom of self-deprecating modesty, our enemies have effectively coerced us to grovel on our bellies like limbless reptiles for our perceived sins against the “Human Race.” Thus, and in the present turbulent climate, generations of our folk blithely engage in, encourage, or tacitly tolerate, inter-breeding with human subspecies that are unmistakably dissimilar to themselves. Now with flood gates firmly agape, we are tested time and again and we fail with astonishing regularity and proficiency.

Moreover, our enemies have efficaciously correlated racial pride with superiority, superiority with supremacy, supremacy with hatred, hatred with evil. They have successfully anchored nationalism and exclusive ethnic passion with National Socialist Germany and have studiously exhausted the last seventy years demonising what has become a virtually mythical epoch in European history. It should be apparent to even the most absent-minded patriot that modern nationalists have been wholly unproductive in negating this slander: a fact we cannot allow to be lost on us as it forms an appreciable part of the social environment in which we presently exist and must navigate daily.

Every form of debauchery and depravity is now proffered up to the atomised “democratic” masses, not for their considered endorsement, but for their immediate and unquestioning ingestion beneath the threat of their master’s cruel whip. The culture of inferred superiority – even when strongly reinforced by historic and contemporary accomplishment – has failed our kind utterly. Aligned with our instinctive primitive herd instinct, we became afflicted with a pandemic pathological psychosis recently described as the Aryan Herd Consciousness. In other words, our traditional morality has played out.

The exiguous proportion of the planets White population (already a tiny numerical minority) that intuitively comprehend our disastrous plight and acutely appreciate the part the aforementioned obsolete principles performed in our race’s downfall must engender a new tribal code or else their descendants will inevitably fail in their own duty to survive, proliferate, and develop. The New Tribe requires – in fact it deserves – a New Morality, one that is realistically qualified to consummate the central trefoil of truth.

In order define our new moral matrix it is initially imperative to elucidate exactly who we are and what we mean by the New Tribe:

1) We are White;
2) Our purpose and responsibility is to ensure our survival, proliferation, and development;
3) We do not accept the aberrations of homosexuality, equality, and miscegenation;
4) We shall achieve immortality through our renown and our genetic inheritance;
5) These truths transcend current national borders;
6) These truths shall not be subject to amendment, negotiation, or adulteration;
7) These truths supersede all other considerations.

(From The New Model, White Independent Nation)

These seven rudiments have been elaborated elsewhere and the notion of our New Tribe is established within these guidelines. Our rules of conduct must comply with these precepts and our thesis must concern itself with the inauguration of our New Tribe; any action that might hinder this progress should be repudiated, including any deed, whether intentional or otherwise, that could conceivably attract unwanted attention to our actions today in the pursuit of our primary objectives, those being survival, proliferation, development, and the conception of a New Tribe.

In this respect we will be compelled to self sacrifice. Various notions, aspirations, and convictions which we currently regard as possessing substantial importance, must be reevaluated and, if called for, rejected, so that we can pursue our primary objectives without hindrance. In this manner a new morality will be generated, one that acts in accordance with, and is most appropriate for, the progenitors of the New Tribe.

Removing ourselves from the coexistence of nominally “Aryan” folk (our contemporaries) who remain firmly in inimical thrall to our enemies, and, more importantly, those of contrasting genetic pedigrees, is an initial step towards the inception of something greater. The transition will not require complete isolation, but it must be made manifest in consciously White communities, beginning with pioneering racialists identifying and relocating to “target areas” with the unyielding intention of altering social trends, prospects and interpretations; eventually to institute and underpin a dominant cultural influence.

Insulating ourselves, and our formative new nation, will be, at the outset, substantially a psychological phenomena: we shall decline participation in our enemy’s world, instead venturing to create our own. Enemy propaganda shall have no power over us: the tentacles of the malignant media will not be permitted within our households, just as the insidious doctrines of liberalism, equality, and permissiveness will not be allowed to influence our decisions and commitments.

Inaudibly and deliberately will begin to build a nation from within a terminal nation; a New Tribe out of the best elements of the Old. And not only should we consider ourselves unique and distinct from the opposing races and subspecies of Man, but we shall view those who have not yet fully accepted our Truth as merely inchoate members of our present racial conglomeration; ostensibly as genetic potential. Until our Idea is accepted unconditionally, those who have submitted to our New Model, the assiduous custodians of our New Tribe, will take precedence in all matters.

The emphasis of our very being must be preoccupied with the future of our genetic inheritance, a righteous aspiration that has been deplorably neglected even within the racialist movement. The flagellation, promulgation, and even ardent monition, that we have propounded in recent decades and within the confines of our enemy’s industrial political slaughterhouses has not only been entirely fruitless, it has rendered our movement largely impotent. Acting exclusively for the benefit of our New Tribe we will redefine our moral parameters and provide the provisional configuration of a New Social Order capable of cradling our people as they outlast our rivals and safeguard the eternal existence of our precious genetic inheritance.


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