What would Odin do?


“Odin is the god of war and of an aristocracy that had a relatively high code of honor, but he is wily, for his votaries know that victory in battle depends less on sheer berserk courage than it does on strategy, which is simply the art of deceiving the enemy. Odin is treacherous, falling below the moral code of his votaries, because it is a simple fact that treachery is often victorious, and it is Odin who gives victory. That is unfortunate, no doubt, and we may wish to be morally superior to our gods, but if we claim that Odin is not treacherous, we are irrationally denying the fact that in this world treason is often so successful that none dare call it treason” ~ R.P.O

So the next time the intriguing notion, “what would Jesus do,” enters your cranium, perhaps a more valuable query would involve the above mentioned deity.


2 thoughts on “What would Odin do?

  1. Wolf of the Sun says:

    In the same spirit, may I refer readers to the Norse “Sayings of the High One” or Havamal, which are unified by the theme of wsdom and the central figure of Odin. Many WN will be familiar with the stanza quoted by William Pierce in “Our Cause” (ending with ‘the fame of a dead man’s deeds’). Stanza 45 is of particular relevance to this post: “If you’ve another, whom you don’t trust, but from whom you want nothing but good, speak fairly to him but think falsely and repay treachery with lies.” Aryan wisdom, long since buried under layers of alien ‘morality’.


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