Birth of the New Tribe

WIN-BNT_inart(Part 1)


Fecundity is regarded by many in the racialist movement as the paramount prerequisite for the reorientation of our lamentable plight and the rectification of our etiolated civilisation. The production of White babies is, we are diligently notified, the principal thrust of our resurgence, and against this notion there are very few detractors. Nevertheless, there is a tenet that is equally as important as procreation and upon which procreation itself is largely reliant: the founding, stabilisation, and continuation of Tribe.

Without an extensive social chassis, those born into our enemy’s anaemic world may fall short of their full and unadulterated potential and, following the passage of our own lives into evanescence, are likely to be thrown to the lions or might capitulate to any number of destructive designer dogmas.


We are not insentient mammals and it was not the conventional strategy of Neolithic Aryan people to propagate copious litters of offspring, but rather to raise few and to nurture and cultivate them, well into adolescence, in contemporaneous tribal comprehensions, customs, and assimilated methodologies for enduring and mastering formidable habitats, predators, and quarry.

That is not to say that we must, in this age, delay our procreative responsibilities until we have stimulated the most propitious conditions for to raise our own young, but we do owe it to every generation that is to succeed us to provide them with as many advantages as we are realistically capable so that they themselves are in the position to build upon our foundations and, as they mature, ameliorate our developmental Weltanschauung and augment the coming New Tribe. Because our enemies have appropriated or subverted our native countries, and have the people by their collective throat, we have no other choices available to us.

To aver that a civilising renaissance could ensue unaccompanied by a substantial reconstruction of the predominant cultural and institutional domains, supported by profound, though no doubt distressing, rumination on the nature of the current Aryan psyche, is ingenuous and valueless. It is a rational hypothesis that the aetiology of our spiritual emaciation cannot be exclusively attributed to events in the modern era, thus, and provided we merely succeed in scratching the surface of our dilemma, we will be profoundly unqualified and unequipped to prevent our future decline and impending extinction without (it might seem to us living today) superhuman mental and physical exertion.


Victory (i.e., lasting survival) will not be bestowed upon us by either the credulous electorate or a preternatural entity, and its genesis will not occur while we remain shackled to the existing delusional societal matrix. Moreover, our racial enemies are now so ingrained within our present national edifices, both concrete and metaphysical, that operating as undisguised ‘racialists’ with any degree of success is unimaginable.

We must therefore assess and accept our predicament, which is nothing less than European arrogation by enemy forces; evaluate both our attributes and our failings; incisively appraise the characteristics of the enemy; and make provision for resolute action. If it transpires that we cannot, at present, substantially contend with our adversaries then we should not be induced or coerced into doing so. The deductions of this basic behavioural calculation should remain distinctively logical, annulling the casuistry and manipulative, such as our participation in popular ‘democracy’ and general elections or, as Caesar instructed during his conquest of Western Europe, sanctioning or instigating treaties with rivals who continue to bear arms.

There can be little doubt that our present racial enemies will be obliged to negotiate with our New Tribe – the congenital deficiencies inherent in their multi-racial golem will ensure that the West, a civilisation into which they have interpolated themselves, cannot escape from its terminal atrophy – but this supervention should rise from a position of potency, if not absolute dominance, though it is likely to take several decades, if not centuries, to foment. In the meantime, we will formulate, assemble, and pay close attention to our animate, oscillating environment.

Our situation today shares appreciable similarities with that of our Neolithic antecedents, although there are pronounced disparities. For instance,  existing now as a tiny minority among the teeming masses of competing human subspecies and racial groups, our proclivity towards fecundity must be improved so as to supplement our circumstances. In other words, we must produce more offspring, a minimum of three per couple, in order to perpetuate the tribe. Those who cannot, for reasons as unavoidable as senescence, procreate, will be compelled to seek, and indeed entreat, immortality by contributing to the security of the tribe and, in doing so, shall receive the accompanying prestige and renown that befits such mighty effort.


By creating a social framework composed of individuals dedicated to our Idea (that we are duty-bound to survive, proliferate, and develop); aiding healthy family units, that are active in their tutelage of our genetic and spiritual successors; and encouraging others of our race to engage with us on a quotidian basis, we would have ignited the torch of the New Social Order that is destined to sweep across the surface of the planet. Just as our progeny will become our imperishable mnemonic, intertwined with our sacred Idea, so will our burgeoning tribe represent the manifestation of our eternal Truth.


Long Live the New Tribe!



2 thoughts on “Birth of the New Tribe

  1. Vig says:

    Your verbal utterances have a definite solitary status, far removed from the usual nationalist standpoint, a really realistic standpoint.
    We need only a few who have that kind of clarity, the rest will follow.
    As a sculptor I would say it is time for ” hammer on the rock”.


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