Our future as crawling, homogenised insects

Girl1Translated from an ancient Babylonian tablet:

“To the land whence none return, the place of darkness, Ishkar, the daughter of Sin, her ear inclined.
“Then inclined the daughter of Sin her ear to the house of darkness, the domain of Irkalla; to the prison from which he that enters comes not forth; to the road whose path does not return;… to the land where filth is their bread and their food is mud. The light they behold not; in unseeingness they dwell, and are clothed, like winged things, in a garment of scales…”

Do you really understand what our “betters” have in store for our progeny – for our people? Do you realise the gravity of our situation? If so, then why are you not making provision for the future? Why are you not acting like Men in a world surrounded by a billion enemies, while servants of the enemy infest your inner sanctum? Why have you not begun the fabrication of a New World? Why do you wait, impotent, like slaves in a starless cave, for the inevitable eradication of your kind?

There is a barely perceptible lamentation that one can discern on the most blackest of nights – it is the voice of our children and of all the children that yet may be – “help us,” they implore, “help us!


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