Putin – The Great Russian Nationalist(?)


Russia needs people apparently:

“12) Develop and submit to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation a draft federal law providing for simplification of procedures and reduction in terms of consideration of applications for citizenship of the Russian Federation of compatriots – Russian speakers whose relatives in the direct ascending line formerly resided in the territory of the Russian Federation and USSR, provided they moved to permanent residence in the Russian Federation and the renunciation of citizenship of a foreign state.

Deadline – September 15, 2013″


These people:


From above:

“Interfax” referring to the statement of the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, who made a visit to Tajikistan, reported a very interesting piece of news: the authorities of the southern republic asked from Russia to send to them, to their country 400 teachers of the Russian language. According itself Matvienko, who brought to Tajikistan 2.5 ton Russian textbooks, “This is a good move on the part of Tajikistan, and today here really created the conditions for learning the Russian language.”

In this case, the State Duma is soon going to adopt the amendments to the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, according to which will be facilitated obtaining Russian citizenship by persons recognized native Russian speakers.

This news can only mean one thing: Russia must prepare for a massive influx of new population of Tajikistan. According to “Interfax”, now in our country live and work around a million natives of this Central Asian republic, in which the entire population of about eight million”

And these:


“Strengthening the unity of the Russian nation and ethno-cultural development of peoples of Russia (2014-2020 years):”


Putin intolerant of genuine nationalism – as opposed to ethnic-cleansing via confederationism:





Quiet, Goyim! Resistance is futile!

It would appear that the fallout of the “Fourth Political Theory,” which regards race as merely a “social construct,” is the genetic eradication of the Russian people.

You cannot con an honest man, although the likes of Le Pen, Wilders, Farage, and Putin, are certainly doing a respectable job of pulling the wool over many eyes.


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