More from Oliver: The End of Rome

Rome“Greeks and Romans, except a few neurotics, the tares of the race, who always try to attract attention by professing some grotesque eccentricity, would have had only an amused contempt for Christian doctrine, but by the middle of the Second Century, when the slightly disguised Jewish cult was being vended by apostles of ignorance, there were few Greeks and Romans left. They had destroyed themselves by miscegenation, internecine wars, and that fatuous tolerance with which they permitted themselves to be displaced by their subjects and slaves.

“The populations of the European provinces were Aryan and racially compatible. To Italy came Celtiberians from Spain, Germanic and Celtic peoples from Gaul, Germans from the western part of Germany. But they were outnumbered and outwitted by hordes that were unalterably alien. To Rome from northern Africa came Berbers and Semites; from Egypt, degenerate Greeks and Hamitic mongrels, many of them bearing some taint of Black blood; from Asia, partly Greek hybrids, Semites, and all the fermenting mixture of the racial compost heap that Asia Minor had become; and, of course, to the capital of the ancient world flocked the ubiquitous Jews. The Hellenized aliens from the East spoke Greek and were the Graeculi of Cicero’s sarcasms and Juvenal’s satires; they multiplied and squeezed the Romans out of their own country. As Juvenal said, the mud that was drained out of Syria had polluted the Tiber; Rome had ceased to be Roman even in his time.

“The Orientals brought with them their own racial superstitions (“Credat Iudaeus Apella, non ego,” said Horace: a sexually mutilated Jew many believe such stuff, but I can’t); and they brought with them their cunning in peddling their superstitions to cheat the unwary. The Asiatic rabble could become Roman only in name. Beneath a superficial acquaintance with Greek culture lay, innate and ineradicable, the slave mentality, devoid of self-respect, perfidious and obsequious to its masters, born to cringe and swindle; craving the despotism under which it flourishes. And with the slave mentality went the Sklaven-Moral which, as Nietzsche saw, was the essence of Christianity.”


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