Notes on the “New Right,” Part 1.

Greg Johnson, homosexual Editor-in-Chief, of Counter-Currents Publishing:

“Yes, in the case of classical National Socialism, revisionists argue that many of these atrocities are exaggerated or made up out of whole cloth. But revisionism about the Second World War is really beside the point, because the terroristic, imperialistic, genocidal impulse exists in National Socialism today. For instance, latter-day National Socialist William Pierce routinely pooh-poohed the Holocaust. But he was willing to countenance real terrorism, imperialism, and genocide on a scale that would dwarf anything in the 20th century. That spirit is what we reject.”

New Right vs. Old Right, 11/05/2012

As Mr Johnson well knows, William Pierce did not “pooh-pooh” (an apt choice of words) the Holohoax because he was opposed to ridding the world of Jewry, he simply did not believe in the nonsensical fable and invested in it no credence whatsoever. Pierce’s skepticism was not, therefore, a manifestation of hypocrisy, it was arrived at by a careful consideration of the evidence (or lack thereof) at hand. Moreover, the fact that the death of one’s enemies is historically a cause for celebration appears to be lost on the peaceniks of the “New Right.”

“The reason I wrote my essay “New Right vs. Old Right” in May of 2012 is because I wished to draw a bright clear line between the project of the North American New Right and what I call the Old Right, namely classical National Socialism and Fascism and their latter-day imitators, including people like William Pierce, Alex Linder, and, down at the bottom of the barrel, Glenn Miller, Wade Michael PageAnders Behring Breivik, and other gun-toting, spree-killing retards.”

On the Necessity of a New Right, 15/04/2014

Again, Mr Johnson attempts to implicate Pierce*, but, far more significantly, fails to explain why these men killed, instead dangerously simplifying the incidents and the global context in which they took place by identifying them as “gun-toting, spree-killing retards:” The shrill commotion of a terminally confused Liberal? Perhaps Glenn Miller, Wade Michael PageAnders Behring Breivik are, in fact, mentally retarded, but then, by simple association, are so many other murderers who slaughter in complete isolation on a daily basis — thus what tangible association can these men possibly have with any movement, old or new? We may as well categorise Negro “gang bangers” the “gun-toting, spree-killing retards” of the Black Separatist movement. The failure to introduce a context (i.e., the forced decline of Western society by Jews and traitors) clearly underscores the sophism of Mr Johnson.

If there was any doubt that men, such as the Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents, possess the tenacity and resolution to do whatever is necessary to secure our survival (e.g., they may be forced to witness, or even participate in, dragging children out from under beds in order to deport them and their entire, no doubt extended, families), limp-wristed exercises in verbosity, as are the two articles briefly referred to above, surely dispel it completely.

*William Pierce did not actually kill or incite anyone to homicide. What he did do was pen a novel, in 1978, which predicted acts of terrorism against an Establishment which actively aspires to the genetic eradication of our race. Since that important, though somewhat fantastical, work of fiction, Pierce continued throughout his life to pinpoint the reasons why bloody sedition would occur and it was not the exclusive consequence of retardation or irresponsible gun laws.


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