Birth Defects = Child Abuse

DownsProducing White children with Down Syndrome (for instance) should not be encouraged. There are now very effective methods for screening for Down Syndrome during the early stages of pregnancy and the detection rate is high – so bang goes the excuse of sheer ignorance!

Some White nationalists recoil at the prospect of aborting any genetically White foetus. My argument would be this: what is the purpose of producing White children in the first place? The urge to procreate is primeval and often irresistible, but it serves a purely technical role: to facilitate our long-term survival, proliferation, and evolutionary development. White offspring, arrested by serious birth defects – such as Down Syndrome – do not fulfil the purpose for which our ancestors struggled or we were created.

A tragic aspect to the growing instances of individuals afflicted with Down Syndrome is the phenomenon of the ‘career woman.’ Because White women (and increasingly our men) delay their responsibilities to our race in pursuit of material gain, they inflate the chances of siring ignoble young. Those couples who choose to raise a family in their late thirties and forties, are far more likely to gamble with Down Syndrome. Young, healthy twosomes should be encouraged to produce large, White families, and yet these folk are frequently marginalised and pressured into “finding themselves,” becoming addicted to casual sexual relationships, and insidious debt.

Others in the Movement are dominated by religious hang-ups in relation to aborting defective foetuses. Because of this, I would contend that any religion that does not compliment our key principles (the survival, proliferation, and development of the race) should be rejected in its entirety! And those sorry specimens who still maintain that the sole objective of human life is “to be happy,” need to retake their place in the ranks of the spiritually impaired and rationally amputated; those who we grudgingly refer to as liberals.

I am certain that I would be reasonably content if lobotomised and locked in a rubber-walled room with a pile of building blocks, crayons, and a tire hanging from the ceiling, but the very function of my existence would be utterly insignificant. If personal happiness is the only motivating factor in one’s life then don’t have children! An emotionally selfish parent is tantamount to child abuse, as is knowingly “gifting” a child with solemn mental and physical abnormalities.


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