Book – The New Tribe (Introduction)

NewT2To follow is the first draft of the introduction to the new book:


The etymological origin of the word ‘revolution’ stands in marked contradiction to its modern usage. The notion that human conditions can effectively be ‘rolled back’ is the hallmark of the traditionally conservative thinker, not the insurgent. These plenary reactionaries are inherently antagonist towards change and their espousal of political conservation – or social anaplasty – contrasts starkly with the objectives of the true revolutionary. The true revolutionary seeks the endless amputation of that which does not function correctly. In this respect, the genuine, unadulterated revolutionary has been mislabelled a conservative. And who has mislabelled him and why? More pointedly, why should we give this topic more than cursory consideration? It is important because we have thus far failed dramatically to identify who we are and where we are going (if anywhere).

In order to simply and concisely redefine our position it is essential that we look to nature and her eternal and immutable canons. In our acceptance of her brutal yet beautiful administration, we find ourselves located atop a perennial pantheon and subject to primeval statutes. Evolution determines that ‘rolling back’ is not an option, and, to the rigorously scientific and unsentimental, it is not in the least bit desirable. Revolution is therefore not a rebellion against the status quo, no matter if it is summarily characterised by blithe inactivity or impeccable equilibrium. In antithetical opposition to the terminally sick individuals afflicted with an intellectual and spiritual psychosis known today as liberalism, and the hoary, grey ranks of revolutionary conservatives, our own minds are free to analyse and accept the inexorable truths extant in the cosmos. This is evolutionary. We are evolutionaries. Welcome to the evolution!

In his prodigious tome, The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin made the salient observation that, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” In penning this particular platitude the great naturalist inadvertently rang the death knell for contemporary conservative revolutionaries and liberal revolutionaries alike. It is clear to any human with an operational brain (one which has not been steeped in regressive dogma for decades) that change is the ‘rolling forward;” it is evolution. While conservative revolutionaries shiver, knee deep in the briny – the spectral manifestations of Canute – Liberal revolutionaries confidently attempt to drink the ocean into submission. Both impotently believe their respective self deceptions. Both are equally doomed.

The following attempts to describe our position, as evolutionaries, as we struggle to exist in enemy occupied territory. It will also venture to offer some modicum of guidance in relation to our existence, which should be viewed as our survival because of our unique and terrible collective predicament. Going still further, this book intends to form in the mind of the reader an idea pertaining to our position within our racial family and our race’s position on this planet and in the wider context of the vast, universal macrocosm.



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