The Golden Fleece

WIN-Golden_InartIn response to a comment left on my personal blog-site where I included a link to the White Independent Nation podcast no. 35 entitled Buying our way out:

“Excellent. All the years I have been involved with British nationalism, one of the most irritating aspects has been the endless cry for funds: -“your last chance”, ” do or die”, “have you made your will” etc. Most active racial nationalists gave/ give as much as possible plus more importantly their time, sweat and sometimes blood and liberty. The old NFs Dutch auctions were particularly annoying. Funds should be created separately with intelligence and planning by trusted members who cannot take a more physical role. Nationalism in Britain never had any money because it never attempted to acquire it other than desperate appeals to hard pressed activists.”

The above is a damning indictment of the ad hoc, often desperate financial policies of the Far Right. I have no not have access to any statistics to support the following claim, but I suspect that genuine White nationalists are amongst poorest members of British society. This is ironic as nationalists are the most likely to defend Britain even if today it incorporates their racial competitors, is ostensibly governed by their racial enemies, and has been marinated in diametrically opposed ideological archetypes for decades.

It is true that White people, the British especially, can be decorous, even prudish, when it comes to the subject of money; a sensibility that is frequently accompanied by a feeling of guilt. To exploit this very Aryan hallmark is generally judged to be very un-Aryan, and for good reason. Most nationalists are, by nature, honest, but honesty is an attribute that is easily manipulated. So it is the case that an echelon of the Far Right has committed itself to tugging at the heart strings of impoverished nationalists with one hand, while stretching out the other, palm upwards, for the purpose of catching whatever coinage may tumble out. These unscrupulous characters will say and do practically anything to elicit a few pounds per month or, if their luck is really in, a more substantial “one-off” donation.

As the commentator above rightly states, it is almost impossible for the politically active elements of the Movement to fund the Movement themselves. In fact, I consider it contemptible that those who are prepared to put their reputations, livelihoods, and personal safety (and the security of their families) at risk by engaging in Movement activities, should be pressured into apportioning their – ordinarily meagre – incomes to the Cause. In many cases, these people are the very embodiment of the Cause, no matter how unassuming they may be as individuals.

Emotional extortion from our enemy’s camp is a lucrative pastime, as is evidenced by the escalation of haunting televised portrayals of starving Negro children, malnourished and mistreated beasts of burden, and perpetually endangered exotic mammals. For this to permeate through the corridors of nationalism is extremely unsettling. In recent years nationalism has, and especially under the auspices of the British National Party, squeezed with pecuniary gauntlets those supporters who are most in need of financial assistance. The hierarchy of these organisations, of which the BNP is but one of a growing number, demonstrably appreciate that the folk who are most likely to travel the length and breadth of the county, distribute the highest volume of party material, and put themselves on-the-line at election time, are also the least disposed to offer meaningful resistance when their last penny is requisitioned for the sake of some perceived greater good (a new photocopier, for example, or “national salvation”).

To me, this is a disgusting abuse of trust and integrity. As the above commentator alludes to, there are alternative methods of monetarily sustaining the Movement, but in order to execute them it would entail the implementation of an authentic and manageable corporate structure, which is something the Right is evidently incapable of doing. It would also necessitate actual accomplishments so that “silent partners” knew exactly what they were funding and why, while their undisguised associates on the ground are properly directed and presented with definable objectives and the correct resources, organisation, and motivation to achieve them.

Sadly, the Movement in its present form patently has little interest in tangible gains and instead consoles itself with personal squabbles, low-grade pyramid schemes, and aimless activism. I am certain, however, that the times are a-changin’…


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