Why have we been touched by the suffering of the victims of Islamic State? Whenever an unfortunate is beheaded, stoned to death, dropped from a tall building, or burned, it is almost possible to audibly discern the faint rumbling of a stampede, as eager commentators from across the globe dash to their fatigued keyboards and launch into passionate condemnations of the masked murderers in the Middle East. Even the so-called “Far Right” has succumbed to this incidental journalistic hysteria.

The answer is, I believe, twofold:

ISIS & Morality

How can this institutionalised sadism be blessed with so much potency? How does it command so much power over us? It is not remarkably dissimilar to what our ancestors inflicted upon wicked “heretics” a few hundred years before the iPad, the first instances of “bromance,” and the My Little Ponies cartoon. We are unquestionably capable of equivalently fiendish acts provided the correct heavenly impetus.

Given our mental conditioning since World War Two (and in many respects, because of the sheer volume of the slaughter across Europe) our racial enemies know that the predominance of our people cannot accept, condone, or embrace unnecessary and excessive cruelty. They appreciate this attribute better than we do ourselves; we who have unremembered our very essence.

By selecting which vile events we are permitted to denounce and which, conversely, are to be concealed from our goggling eyes, our moral code is plucked like the catgut of a shabby, mistreated violin. It is acknowledgeed by the wise that our ethnic clan is endowed with the unique ability to project, like humanist clairvoyants, our own ethics, principles, and moral standards into the communal consciousness of our racial competitors. Because of this unique conceptual phenomenon we can be readily exploited by wily parties desiring to use our hereditary trait as leverage for their own group advantage.

Of course, we cannot too hotly condemn rival human tribes for capitalising on our inborn failings, choreographing our behavior to suit their own purposes, but it is infuriating – to say the least – when we, as a conglomeration of belligerent individuals, present no effective or united defence against cunning and unscrupulous manipulation. The solution is the universal adoption of an ideology that I can only unsatisfactorily describe as analytical White-racial tribalism – but that is besides the point.

We are suckers for the helpless victim – the swarthier the better. The damp-eyed bipedal “underdog” is widely regarded, among our own people, as a pet; a cherished unfortunate upon which we are encouraged (and more importantly sanctioned) by our intellectual betters to dote and indulge. Where on the pampering spectrum our probity (and ready cash) settles depends entirely on the calculated rationale of our superiors rather than on our own capricious penchants.

Our Aryan Morality has been undone by the immutable shrinking of socio-geography and unpremeditated development of widely available and accessible communications media, both of which were bequeathed us by our distinct technological genius. We are now obliged to ‘feel the pain’ of human beings our recent antecedents knew nothing of and certainly cared nothing for.

The misery of a broken burkha-clad woman struggling beneath a transitory pile of rocks, or of a grounded Arab pilot whose fate is to burn for the delectation of a merciless crowd, is now more horrific to our conscience and innate sense of justice than the inhumane treatment of Germans by the Allies immediately following “The War.” Or perhaps this righteous deluge represents a form of shared analgesic administered so that we are not compelled to contend with our immediate and domestic desolation and distress: a necessary proxy for the post-civilisation Occident.

The moment our enemies rudely penetrated the paltry bastion within which our carefree morality gambolled, like a blithe and credulous virgin, our soul received a crippling blow from which we have not yet recuperated. We are, as a race, bleeding virtuous compunction and we will continue to do so until the liquid turns white.

ISIS & Media

I must have overlooked the half-dozen television documentaries and numerous news reports communicating the fact that in Tanzania, Gambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, and other “vibrant” African nations, “witches” are still on the menu – so to speak – and are being tortured and savagely dispatched in their thousands. I will not bore you with the finer details as I am certain your imaginations are vivid enough to visualise the agony and torment to which those accused of witchcraft (men, women, and children) are subjected.

Because voguish dust storms have not been whipped up on account of the tribulations of African “witches,” there are no nationalist bloggers or political figures offering their readers and viewers clever polemics engineered to persuade us that this is ‘our problem too.’ Is this because we possess no native sympathy for persons who just so happen to hail from the African continent? Partly, yes, although I would conjecture that there is a less profound and far more technical and insidious explanation.

In an compendious article I wrote in February 2013, entitled Why Jews need Muslims, I observed the following shrewd gambit that appeared, at the time of writing, to be unfolding:

“Israel is, physically, completely isolated in the Middle East. For Europe to understand the plight of Zion, and form a necessary congenital bond, it must first be immersed in Islam. We are familiar with the dubious terminology regarding Israel being an “Island of democracy” or some such, but the herd is not really interested in democracy anymore. So how else can the hive-like minds of the human herd be ignited in support of Israel and the Jews? There are very few existential stimuli that can affect the motives and motivations of men, but three very tangible examples are fear, loathing, and conflict. Islam brings all these to Europe in large shiny red buckets.

 “The Jews need Muslims to radicalise Europeans and bring them to Israel’s defence. We see this strategy paying dividends before our eyes both in Britain and on the continent. An anti-Muslim nationalism – the ‘counter-jihad’ – has been woken and it is just what Dr. Cohen ordered.”

I dare say I was not far from the mark.

The media has been on a public relations offensive and the reporting of ISIS activities is a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. Most White folk are aware that Islam is not the lionised “Religion of Peace” the quacking liberal politicians initially acclaimed. There is of course dissent in the ranks, and liberals caught in both the gravity of parliamentary shenanigans and the controlled mass media are wretchedly confused: torn between visceral images of extreme intolerance and violence, and the psychological stockage made manifest by vituperative trigger words, such as “racism.”

And yet the reports continue and the content becomes ever more graphic and disturbing to the modern democratic consumer – who obediently, instinctively, and collectively, wince at the mere mention of Female Genital Mutilation (although not even a flinch is provoked at the – hastily redacted and mostly fuzzy – idea of rabbinical circumcision of infant Talmudists). However, the notion of mangled African “witches” does not feature in the theatrical consciousness of the voting public, even though there are, in all likelihood, just as many Black Africans, or Blacks from African descent, walking among them as there are those who practice Islam, of whatever schismatic gradient.

Another fact to ruminate on is Muslims are far less minded to integrate into a host society – preferring instead to impolitely convert citizens to their holy dogma – and are therefore a far less effective instrument by which to genetically sabotage our ancestral integrity, which is the purpose of our economic and political masters whether they can admit it to themselves (and us poor, unenlightened proles) or not. Perhaps it is a result of obtuse policy rather than explicit intent, but either way it is categorically taking shape.

We can ignore the Black African’s congenital proclivity towards casual, callous brutality and substitute this anthropological truism with “ISIS terror,” but any sentient creature – of the kind that desires to survive until a ripe old age – must dutifully inquire as to why this act of psychic prestidigitation was performed and shrouded in so much smoke and with so many carefully situated mirrors.

The answer to this conundrum can be found in the curious phrase, deployed by several “Right Wing” groups who appear to enjoy intriguing associations with Jews and Jewish organisations: the counter jihad. But in order for us, the customarily docile public, to attain the lofty and privileged position of acolyte in this partisan crusade, we must be adequately exposed to barbarism, and only a very a specific variety of system-approved barbarism will suffice.

Publicising ISIS atrocities has become a habit for an agency that habitually influences the population while insisting that it is beyond reproach; a utterly unbiased and aseptic trafficker of pure, unadulterated information. But it is this information, and the reasons for its dissemination, that should arouse our curiosity and suspicion. And yet we continue to consume and process the data offered and pay little heed to the vital ‘why.’ It is just another listless convention we have yielded to, a consequence of the systematic blizzard of information, misinformation, and disinformation we cannot help but pore over – with our reading impedimenta planted firmly on the shelf.

When all is said and done, we should feel nothing for the victims of ISIS, so long as they remain our racial competitors. And, as soon as ISIS becomes a credible threat to the West, the West must prudently dust-off its nuclear and biological weapons. Finally, and I am certain that you, my sympathetic reader, will agree, there should not be a single Muslim, terrorist or not, or African, both witch and witch-hunter alike, in the nations of Europe or her former White colonies and territories.


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