Hostile Occupation


Do you live beneath Hostile Occupation?


You may believe this term is merely scare-mongering or an attempt at sensationalism, but have you ever really considered how free you truly are? Are there certain thoughts you are not permitted to contemplate or express? Has your future already been determined? Please take the time to consider the following, answering the questions as honestly as you can:


1) Did you know that successive British governments refuse to acknowledge that there are indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom?

Our own elected government will not ratify the International Labour Organisation Convention no. 169—in existence since 1989— which recognises and protects tribal peoples’ land ownership rights, and sets a series of minimum UN standards regarding consultation and consent. Because we, the British, are not deemed to be indigenous, we have no special privileges under the United Nation Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. For more, click here.


2) Have you ever seen a reasonable “nationalist” perspective expressed on the television, radio, or in a Hollywood movie?

It is easy to assume that anyone with even the slightest “nationalist” leaning is mentally ill, a moron, or a thug; an image that is expertly exacerbated by the controlled media of news and entertainment. There are no other characters in the pantomime, all dissenting opinion is carefully suppressed and re-packaged, utilising such terms as “White Supremacism” and “Ignorant Bigots.” These phrases, and others, have been crafted skilfully and deployed ruthlessly in order to stifle genuine debate and open-minded enquiry. Do you want an example? The Daily Star on Sunday recently wrote an article on WIN, the title of which was: “British racists want to establish whites-only ‘Nazitown.’” I will leave you to draw your own conclusions – the media persists in treating its viewers and readers like children, but we do not.


3) When did you last have a criminal thought?

Are there certain topics from which your mind recoils – coherent subjects over which rational adults should be able to deliberate without experiencing a creeping sense of fear or guilt? What is your initial response to reading the word “race,” for instance? Thoughts on “race” inescapably lead in one direction only: the accusation of “racism.” But, again, this is another erroneous (it might be described as Orwellian) term, and is used solely to shut you up. Even questioning certain historical events could spell personal and professional ruin for the free-thinker. At the moment “ThoughtCrime” relies heavily on social ostracism, but our masters will, in due course, formalise their tyranny by cementing the concept of “ThoughtCrime” in law.


4) Why is it that some words have so much political power?

Why is it that those who love their people and want to see them survive and proliferate as a unique and distinct group are condemned as “haters?” And why is the voice of the accuser so loud and so potent? Nationalist sentiment was useful during two world wars and yet since our “victories,” any real nationalist sentiment is akin to “hatred” or, ironically, “Nazism.” These trigger-words have been injected into the public consciousness for many years, with conditioning beginning at an early age. The “cultural hegemony” of the Marxist intellectual, Antonio Gramsci, is one of the defining philosophies of the established order.


5) Do you honestly believe that your leaders care about you, your family, or your nation?

The salient fact that our so-called leaders have refused to accept the British as indigenous to Britain is clear testimony that they care nothing for us. Our nation is just another planetary region to be plundered, and its people (indigenous or not) are now cynically referred to as “consumers,” to be bled dry through taxation, emotionally crippled with guilt propaganda, and spiritually retarded by a universal plastic popular culture. Our modern democracy is propped up by easy credit and vast debt; immediate happiness and the last semblances of comfort are the sole driving factors of life. In the meantime, everything our ancestors fought and died for is being sold to the highest bidder, wasted, or simply destroyed.


6) Do you expect to be treated “equally?”

You know, even without undertaking exhaustive research, that “equality” is a one-way street. Every “minority” group enjoys their rights, but the indigenous people of these isles (or not, as our leaders maintain) have only the right to remain silent or pay the price for their “hate.” How many groups exist today that look out for the interests of the British or other European peoples? You will find none that are not tainted with an establishment trigger-word, such as “racist.” How many groups exist today that look out for the interests of the non-British or other non-White peoples? It is, of course, only natural to associate with those of a similar genetic heritage and most non-White peoples do this. However, it is reckoned to be practically illegal–at the very least it is attacked by the controlled media–if the British attempt to do the same.


7) When you become a minority, do you believe you will have “minority rights?”

In the not too distant future we will become a minority in Britain. In fact, many areas of the planet that were once European are soon to reach White minority status. Our leaders and the controlled media revel in this fact, but it is not something we should celebrate. Because all talk of “race” must inevitably lead to “racism,” the truth of race can be officially denied, leading many to shrug their shoulders at the prospect of extinction. We, as a very altruistic ethnic group, are extremely concerned at the prospect of the Javan Rhinoceros or Polar Bear going extinct, or the suffering of hungry African children, and yet we ourselves appear not to matter. If you want a vision of the future as a minority then you could do worse than to look to the past. Even Wikipedia, which is by no means free, unbiased, and impartial, offers this tiny insight into the consequences of multiculturalism.


Your very existence is denied and is therefore at stake, you are not permitted to think or speak freely, you are constantly misinformed and frequently lied to, laws are used to enforce “multiculturalism,” and any and all peaceful (even democratic) dissent is systematically crushed… To my mind, that suggests hostile occupation. Please now revisit our introductory video.



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