UKIP: Ancillary quotes (No. 1)

Farage3Nigel Farage in an interview with The Daily Bell, 27/01/2014:

Daily Bell: Speaking of the EU, we are assured that Europe is on its way out of recession along with Britain. Your thoughts?

Nigel Farage: The clean version is that we need international trade, massive deregulation and rolling back of the state to get the country into a proper economic recovery. The EU is the antithesis of that.

Daily Bell: Do British businesses REALLY want to be part of the EU, as we are told? We have a hard time with that.

Nigel Farage: Big business loves the EU because it allows them to operate in a market with exceptionally high barriers to entry, thus keeps their ‘abnormal profit’ levels above what a market moving towards perfect competition would result in.

More coming right up.


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