UKIP: Final Quote of the Week

Farage6Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, writing exclusively for the Telegraph:

Importantly, Ukip wants to ensure that highly skilled people from the Commonwealth – from India, Canada, New Zealand, and beyond – get a fair chance to get into Britain, unlike now, where we give precedence, via our open border with the European Union, to half a billion people from Europe and its former Communist countries.

From Jewish migration to Windrush, to the Asian migration in the Seventies and Eighties – some immigrant communities have indeed integrated and made this country a better place. So what Ukip wants is not to do down migrants. It’s not to stigmatise, or discourage, or blame people for coming to this country and trying to make a better life for themselves.

This is why we’d establish an ethical visa system for work and study. This is why we’d increase Border Agency staff by 2,500. This is why we’d stop migrants claiming benefits until they’ve been here and paid into the system for five years, and why we’d reinstate the primary purpose rule, bringing an end to sham immigration marriages. It is why we’d provide more resources to our police to ensure better identification of illegal immigrants. It is why we’d remove the passports of those who fight alongside terrorist organisations. It is why we’d close our open borders with Europe and establish a points-based system to make the rules more fair for our friends in Commonwealth countries – ensuring that Britain has enough doctors, and other skilled workers for our economy to grow, and to put British people first.


Have a nice day.


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