Why We Must Have More

It is not enough to sit there and complain at the television. It is not enough to get up, go out, and complain in public as you are kettled by the political police, and as the sick and suicidal White infants—who we affectionally refer to as “reds”—drown out your slogans with their own. It is not enough to attend meetings and listening to yet another clever twist on what is almost always simply a deep-rooted grumble about what has happened and is happening to us as a people. It is not enough to rant and rave or post leaflets or stick things on lampposts. It is not enough to tap incessantly away on your favourite blog site or forum or post quickly redacted comments on online websites that masquerade as news. It is not enough to meet up in tiny groups every quarter and talk or wrestle or get drunk. What we need is more. And I do not mean more of the same.

Surely you are sick of it? Or am I just preaching to the deaf, dumb, and blind? If you are content then you are either too stupid to understand our plight or you are moving in movement circles for reasons other than the pursuit of lasting change to our impending extinction. These reasons may be purely emotional, but often they are tangibly material, and occasionally conceal something even more sinister.

If you do not what more then you are not really a man. Men can never settle in this life – there is no ‘settling down’ while the world burns. Men cannot be tempered or controlled by lesser men. We must always be restless, we must always be striving for more; thinking of more; craving more; striving for more of everything, until the entire world is ours and we can finally rest in peace.

If you do not want more then you are not a man.


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