Quotes from Andrew Anglin

AAnglin01“Third, Asians are a vastly superior race than Blacks or Latinos, and the problem with breeding with them is esoteric, whereas the problems of breeding with the lower races are completely obvious…


“The reality is that women are completely out of control.  And yes, it is all women.  All of them who are not in the control of some man are out of control.  And very few are in the control of any man, at least in Anglo countries.

Men who marry Asian women are attempting to re-establish a natural dynamic – to re-establish order.  They are not the problem.  Women are the problem.

And yes, as always, I will put this part: the reason that women are the problem is that men have failed to be men.  And the reason that happened was the same reason anything else ever happens: the Jews did it.


“It must be about you, because you are the thing which matters.  Manic women trying to screw-up your life and suck resources from you for their own ends are a bizarre distraction.

You should be worried about:

-Your health

-Your money

-Your ability to defend yourself

-Meaningful male relationships

-Your education and personal skill-set

in that order.  “Women” would be probably 15th on this list, way after your ability to cook your own food and keep your own house clean.”

From the Daily Stormer, 13/04/2014.

No comment necessary (just a roll of the eyes).


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