The Bare Necessities – Part 2: Race

Race2) Race

“The var­i­ous races, when care­fully com­pared and mea­sured, dif­fer much from each other – as in the tex­ture of hair, the rel­a­tive pro­por­tions of all parts of the body, the capac­ity of the lungs, the form and capac­ity of the skull, and even the con­vo­lu­tions of the brain. But it would be an end­less task to spec­ify the numer­ous points of dif­fer­ence. The races dif­fer also in con­sti­tu­tion, in acclima­ti­za­tion and in lia­bil­ity to cer­tain dis­eases. Their men­tal char­ac­ter­is­tics are like­wise very dis­tinct; chiefly as it would appear in their emo­tion, but partly in their intel­lec­tual fac­ul­ties.” ~ Charles Dar­win, The Descent of Man

“No one must lightly dis­miss the ques­tion of race; it is the key to world his­tory and it is pre­cisely for this rea­son that writ­ten his­tory so often lacks clar­ity — it is writ­ten by peo­ple who do not under­stand the race ques­tion, and what belongs to it.” ~ Ben­jamin Dis­raeli, for­mer (Jew­ish) British Prime Min­is­ter

The knowledge of racial difference forms the cornerstone of what we believe; it is the fundamental reason we strive to remain and develop as a unique genetic entity free from adulteration from competing human tribes. The following talk will shed some light on why this does not make us, or our views, “racist:”

Educating The New Tribe: Why I Am Not A Racist


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