Thoughts on the New Tribe

file1-004Originally posted here on RMP on 10th May 2012, Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 1, represents my further musings on a piece I posted on the Stormfront website on 6th December 2011 entitled The White Race – The Great Right-Off[1], which I penned when I was 31. I have made many RMP posts “private” so as to avoid cluttering up the site, but I thought it might be useful to resurrect an early piece of Neo-Tribalist thinking:

From Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 1:

Are we a tolerant nation? The British fought a bloody and fratricidal war against our Germanic kin who, we were skilfully informed, desired to conquer us and maliciously deprive us of our perceived freedoms.* We did not tolerate these allegations and threw our best men and boys into the industrial slaughter mill. Since then, we have been invaded by myriad other peoples from across the globe, most of whom are significantly culturally, religiously and, most importantly, genetically different from us, the natives of these isles. Why do we tolerate this? The reason is because we are conditioned to do so, just as we were conditioned to fight a war against Germany in 1939. We were just as brainwashed then as we are fully indoctrinated into the liberal-suicide psychosis now. Ironically, the two eras cannot be realistically compared and that is because of one salient issue: reality. If one insists on firing a weapon at say a German, the German will generally (inevitably) return fire, thus the initially false assumption that one is at war becomes authenticated. However, the persistent affirmation that Blacks, Muslim Arabs et al, are harmless, vibrant and friendly foreigners falls flat on its face when the loveable invaders murder, mug, loot, burgle, pimp, proffer illegal drugs, and rape. Isolated pockets of reality gradually begin to materialise and the establishment denounces these islands of sanity in the usual Pavlovian manner.

Islands within an Island, Nations within Nation; these are the thoughts of the revolutionary and the insurgent. What is not revolutionary in any way is the instinctive adherence to apocryphal democratic politics – the system of government that has given rise to the mass consuming herd and their tolerance of all things anti-White, including miscegenation; non-White charity; mass immigration & the connected “social” tax-funded benefits; and a deplorable tax-funded educational establishment that does little more than mould and condition the next generation of consumers and pseudo-Communists. And yet those of us that understand this scenario continue to advocate the status quo and “hope for the best”. It is difficult to comprehend why racially conscious Whites do not flock to the archipelagos of resistance and begin to establish a White renaissance or, at a minimum, partake in its inception. Instead we battle amongst ourselves, form tiny schisms and permit the system, and its vast army of sycophants and special interest groups, to malign us and choke the life out of our race.

Let us suppose that White Nationalists did assert themselves in areas that have proven their contention to the modern multicultural syndrome, what could they achieve and upon which course would these formative societies navigate? The answer is speculative at best and is probably not as important as actually turning the theory into a palpable reality – as is the case with reproduction. However, we are a people allegedly gifted with a vivid and constructive imagination and it would be remiss of us not to at least hypothesise on the concept and so I will attempt to do so.

In the first instance the New Tribe would merely require our presence and, as such, our influence, even if incredibly subtle. For this to happen, property will have to become available for selected tenants. Some of us are in the position to purchase property for rental or sale and many others could become the respective residents. Bear in mind that the islands of resistance will most likely exist in regions of the country that have been disproportionately affected by the criminal deindustrialisation process much favoured by our internationalist masters. The denizens of these areas have proven themselves mentally willing and physically capable of enduring the anti-White policies and propaganda of the incumbent regime, and in stark comparison to the vast profusion of bipeds that roam the remaining sectors of Britain. It is interesting to note, and in contrast to some assertions, that not all potential areas of nationalist occupation suffer from an overabundance (flood) of non-Whites and therefore do not present an immediate risk to our females, our young and our elderly.

Long term income from rental property is an attractive incentive to the few with enough capital to pursue this course of action; it provides a form of self-employment that both frees the mind and the body from the machinations of the system and worthwhile energy and consideration can be allotted to ‘the cause’ rather than an illusory ‘career’. And it is a fact of life that some members of our movement living in the aforementioned regions rely on benefits to make ends meet. In which case, why not relocate and allow the establishment’s own coffers to directly support our landlords and indirectly bolster our magnanimous aims? Furthermore, the more folk we commandeer from around this once proud nation, the greater the demand becomes for goods and services and essential skills. Without delving too deeply, I can contrive of two distinct and disparate skill-bases that would be required given the above situation, one being accountancy and the other construction trade operatives, all of which would be essential to the prospective property and small business owners.

Securing White living space is necessary before any form of local democracy is even remotely feasible. Participating in a system of electing governmental representatives that will fail to act benevolently or wisely and for the good of the populace may well be considered honourable but it is not especially intelligent. Preparing a democratic base, as the perpetrators of mass-immigration have sought fit to do, is becoming the mainstay of modern politics – it is electoral demographics – and it is effective and necessary. General elections and governments cannot truly be influenced by informed voters because these voting units can never be educated by the very dictatorial and dogmatic institution that seeks their genetic demise. The units must be manipulated into one of two camps: Immediate-suicide Red (or Yellow if the Goyim really hate themselves) or Deferred-suicide Blue, nothing else is acceptable or permitted. Should reality undermine the various Red or Blue nonsensical statements and policies, the hidden masters empower whichever puppet is presently in charge to adopt a diluted populist jargon and release the mounting public pressure. The democratic units calm and follow the past of least resistance; comfort; distraction; and, in time, death. A specific and essentially vernacular democracy can at least partly attempt to deflect some of the more draconian and ideologically idiotic dictates from above.

Would this not be a step in the right direction? Does it not represent the eternal verity of separation, distinction, tribalism and, given time, race that created our unique people – as distinct from the other species of man – tens of thousands of years ago? Could this not determine whether or not we can not only survive as a cohesive body of genetically congruous people, but also begin our evolution away from the Aryan Morality of tolerance, fair-play and charity, to a stronger example of racially-conscious life that is better equipped to contend with the changing conditions of its existence and will not accept eradication lying down? Personally, I can see no other way. I feel that I owe it to all those long-forgotten antecedents that created me, as well as those that may well exist as angels amongst men after my fleeting opportunity to contribute to our race fades, to try to create a new and better tribe. I am utterly ashamed of what we have become and it is about time that we did something about it!

*With the benefit of hindsight we now know that this liberty was a spectral day dream and we have only ever been permitted the freedom to acquiesce or be tormented in prison or at the gallows; the freedom to receive unlimited credit (returned to the Usurers at interest of course) and purchase an equally unending supply of worthless junk; the freedom to vote in meaningless fairytale elections while our sovereignty was flushed down the toilet and our assets and industries were stripped, sold-off and raped; the freedom to replace the fantastical prospect of a “Nazi” invasion with an alien invasion; and the freedom to accept Marxism (and now Islam) as the preferred method to consign our posterity to the scrapheap.

From The Great Right-Off (concluding paragraph):

So what can we do to counter the destruction of our kind? Do we step up our democratic posturing and flagellate ourselves in front of our uncaring brethren with more exuberance? It has not been successful up until now so why should it be successful in the future? The answer to that may become more evident as the conditions of life for the average family unravels and they experience ever more difficulties, and as living standards equalise across the globe still further. But why should we, the men and women who completely comprehend our place in the present and strive for a brighter future for our race be dragged through the filth with the child-like entities known as the Democratic Consumers? I believe that we need to collectively steer away from the doomed herd and begin building an alternative. Our new tribe is now palpably different and distinct from the old; our reasoning, our objectives and our lifestyles are as abhorrent to them as they are to our racial enemies. Cro-Magnon man laid the groundwork for our greatness and Homo-Sapien man has, it seems, had his day in the sun. He no longer displays the will or the wish to survive or further his own kind. If that is the case then we must cut our last remaining ties with the evolutionary deadend that is modern man and begin our journey towards Homo-Superior, the next stage in the Continuum that will represent the highest form of existence ever witnessed on this lonely ball of magnetised rock.

[1]The original is still on Stormfront.


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