The Bare Necessities: Part 4: Democracy

Democracy4) Democracy

“What­ever may be the soci­o­log­i­cal value of the legal fic­tion that ‘all men are born free and equal,’ there can be no doubt that the author of this phrase deserves above all other men the descrip­tion splen­dide men­dax, trans­lated by the Eng­lish school­boy ‘lying to the state.’ In its bio­log­i­cal appli­ca­tion, at any rate, this state­ment is one of the most stu­pen­dous false­hoods ever uttered by man through his mis­be­got­ten gift of artic­u­late speech.”
~ Prof. E. A. Hooton, Crime and the Man, 1939

I define democracy as the exaltation of quantity over quality, whereas egalitarianism, of which democracy is the political effusion, is the mistaken ideology that all humans are intrinsically equal. Democracy is the epitome of irresponsible, myopic, leader-less governance, which resolutely follows the path of least resistance in order to placate the ‘majority.’

In August 2012, the British Democratic Party website–then known as the BNP Ideas Forum–published a comment I made in response to an article which was, from memory, written by the veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds:

“I am sure that we can all appreciate the effort and the sacrifices that Mr Edmonds has made over the past four decades and only “cranks” would question his patriotism. I would agree that unity is as important as the message itself for without a cohesive body of men and women ready to push forward and advocate and adhere to their ideals, micro attempts at resisting the anti-British policies of the establishment would lead only to frustration and defeat.

“Having said that, I do not believe that democratic politics is the solution to our present plight. The public are, whether we like it or not, far too complacent, inattentive and indoctrinated to even comprehend what is happening to our nation and the Western world in general. They have accepted, with very little outcry, bare-faced propaganda for nefarious purposes for an embarrassingly extensive period of time; from brutal baby murdering Germans of the pre-First World War era to the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction allegations – and now, quite possibly, Iranian nuclear weapons.

“When the democrats boggle or recoil from what they observe do they protest or vote accordingly or even demand punitive measures to be taken against the traitors involved in spreading the falsehoods? It is an unfortunate fact that most merely switch over the channel to something more pleasant and once again indulge in the disconnected dream world of their existence.

“The public require the leadership of true statesmen, not an uneducated ‘stab-in-the-dark’ over matters that concern the security and prosperity of their nation and offspring. We should learn from this experience and not become concatenated to the corpses of the past, repeating the same mistakes over and over until we diminish.

“Until such time as an effective platform for overturning the dogmatic and dictatorial regime that we are subjected is formulated, Nationalists should stop wasting their valuable resources and energy in trying to engage with a disinterested electorate; they will come to us in time, it is inevitable. Conditions in these once fair isles will become so inimical and noxious that the native population will demand leadership – but they are not quick to act have thus far displayed no forethought whatsoever.

“Exploring new avenues to strengthen our cause and movement must be a priority but preceding that even, it is our duty to finally consign party politics to the loft and leave it there for the time being. I would be the first to admit that it does provide a valuable shield against the hypocrisy of the system, but reinforcing our ‘democratic’ credentials has not so far ending physical attacks from our enemies or the unrepentant lies and distortions of the anti-British media. I wonder how many times Mr Edmonds has been asked “Do you condone violence, Mr Edmonds?” That much repeated mantra seeps into the national psyche and it undermines the very reason why the democratic position was useful to us.

“And, if some of our groups are banned by our enemies, then at least we know for certain that we are finally becoming and effective opposition to the forces that would rid themselves of our kind. Utilise the despicable format that our enemies and their protégés engage in when their businesses deliberately file for bankruptcy: do they slope off in shame never to be seen again, or do they immediate set up again under a new guise? Our enemies are affective and they have soundly backed us into a corner. If we cannot analyse their strategy at this moment in time and compose an efficacious counter-assault, then there is very little hope for us and certainly only a bleak future for our children.”


The following talk will shed some light on why we should not believe in democracy:


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