The Election 2015

UKIP BUsI will not be voting, but I–along with thousands of others no doubt–would like to make a prediction:

The rosette colour of winners of the next election is not in the slightest bit important; we all know it will be one of the regular parties and the meek, unveracious tug-of-war will continue for another handful of years. The important aspect of this general election is UKIP and the rise of the British grumbling voice. Life in Britain (outside the financial Wild West that is the City of London and its leafy satellites) is not getting any “better” no matter how many tonnes of junk, gadgets, and electronic upgrades are imported from the East, or the overabundance of shimmering televised faecal matter that is pumped into every home. Life will limp on in a meaningless manner, full of immediate, personal, hollow gains and triumphs, but tied up in the ribbon of terminal decline. The System will not permit the grumbling to become a roar and so it must employ means through which it can release a few spurts of pent-up animosity. The answer, my friends, is UKIP.

I predict that UKIP will make a small but decisive claim to parliamentary power. If this is not going to be the case then UKIP is finished and the British have lost their safe outlet. UKIP has to take at least one seat in parliament for the scheme to affix itself, like melanoma, to the British psyche. People need hope, no matter how down-trodden they are, and no matter how vast the empire they have allowed, in their ignorance and lethargy, to crumble, shrivel, and perish. There is no hope while a black future is predetermined so an unsuspected variable must be introduced. Of course this variable is nationalism (or, more rightly, a nebulous sense of patriotism) and it is only surprising and interesting to those who are unable to discern the hostile occupation which has blanketed the Occident. It is therefore critical that UKIP fulfils its role as the great political saviour of our age, the veritable George to the Establishment’s dragon. It must be viable and reasonable, and, preferably, an acceptable under-dog. In this manner UKIP will manage to build a head of steam and enthuse the reactionary elements within the British public to throw caution to the wind and support it, even in the face of spurious adversity. It is not beyond the realms of possibility to imagine a UKIP general election slogan of: “A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours.”

But hope is required and a resounding ballot box defeat for UKIP will reposition it as ‘just another fringe group without a chance;’ and chance is all that is required for the pantomime to part its crimson curtains for yet another dreary act. So UKIP will make gains this election, it is inevitable – after which time UKIP will be the nationalist party of Great Britain and it will begin to jostle with its leering playmates.

Not only will UKIP effectively nullify all other political groups to the “right” of the Conservatives, it will dethrone any genuine nationalist sentiment within the population and for at least a generation. If, and this might be possible in the near future, UKIP actually achieves majority status in Westminster, it will signify the end of British nationalism as it slides into the murky ‘civic’ abyss. Not only will reactionaries get what they want, so will contemporaneous political nationalists, who will not be able give up hope that UKIP is “on the right track” or that an equivalent of the Tory Monday Club might rise to prominence.

On the other side of the low political fence, the “left” will finally face the adversary they have always dreamed of, fuelling their own habitual enmities and juvenile psychosis. An Us and Them scenario will have been conveniently conceived. This situation will lead to two events: 1) genuine nationalists will discard their notion of victory via the ballot box and begin to accept that they do indeed dwell beneath a hostile occupation, and 2) all other nationalists will join the Us camp and bolster the ranks of a multi-racial party that is “on the right track.”

The only bright side to the aforementioned will be the separation of eternal hobbyists from those who truly are the stewards of our race. Taking away all hope of parliament from genuine nationalists will lead them to White community building and the small acts of rebellion espoused by White Independent Nation. However, I fear this will partisan judo will signal the end of the British as we know them. Tempted into the hurricane and temporarily enjoying the respite that is the eye of the storm, the British will eventually be swept into the maelstrom of civic nationalism and their precious genetic inheritance will be disseminated; they will become a confusing mass of brown, yellow, and black “Britons;” all patriots, all equally as important as one another.

If this is not to play out in the manner I have described, then the death grip on the British will inevitably be relaxed as antagonism and rivalry between the races increase with no safe valve to emit their building resentment and frustration. However, this strategy is both short-sighted and foolish and I know for a fact our enemies are neither.


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