The Cancer that is Daily Stormer

RealNaziHave a read for yourself: No, White Children Will Not Save Us

Clearly these so-called “Nazis” have not read Mein Kampf, or else they have chosen to ignore some of the fundamentals in order to justify their fetish for Asian women (the Japanese appear to be favourite, which is probably something to do with The War) and masturbate among themselves; climaxing over their mutual hatred of Jews, White women, and puerile love of their ‘bros.’

While existing beneath hostile occupation, these mental teenagers just want to strut about in cheap Nazi-style uniforms and talk bullshit. Those who find this unattractive–those who have been conditioned to find this repulsive, especially women–are demonised and shunned. A vicious cycle begins. Because these boy-men cannot find a woman who will accept them, they attack all White woman and, some of them, favour the subservient flavour of Asians.

As for procuring a wife, producing White children, and providing for them, that is out of the question: no room for endless hours browsing conspiracy websites, smoking pot, listening to angry dalek music, playing roleplay games, moaning about what Jews are doing in Israel, etc. These boy-men have failed to reach adulthood and yet they view themselves somehow as saviours? This insane world has certainly created some twisted individuals.

White women do not want whinging brats who produce a stiff right arm whenever they can’t get their own way. Thus these stiff-armed warriors of the internet no longer want White women or White children. What use then is this new breed of “Neo-Nazi” to us or our progeny? Let them ‘flash’ comment websites, ‘name the Jew,’ and produce clever cyber memes… if they cannot grow up they will simply go extinct.


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