Walking Away

We appear desperate–enough to support UKIP, for instance, or continue to lash the powdery remains of Red Rum–but not so desperate to throw caution to the wind and begin living our lives as the stewards of our, at present, piteous race. Perhaps we are simply not fit for this particular purpose and it will fall to others, in some distant and glorious generation, to rebel against our occupation and begin to build a better world.

I cannot postpone my responsibilities. This is not a flippant remark, I am physically unable to sleep if, in waking life, I consider doing nothing more than grumble in relation to ensuring the survival, proliferation, and development of my people while I still exist. For me it is that simple. That is the reason I have invested in what we champion. And it is the reason why I am distinctly uninterested in what others within nationalist circles are doing. I have made my choice and the course has been set. I have only one life and my actions will define my brief but fully conscious tour of duty on planet earth.

What will define your life? Will you be viewed as just another ‘should have’ White man who just didn’t get around to doing anything useful? Will your comments, blog entries, and voting habits fire-up a nation and alter the fate of human history? Can you even think in these terms or are you mired in the quotidian details of the occupation? And do you believe that the hostile occupation is merely a passing phenomenon or that the ‘great British public’ will one fine day rise up and hoist our enemies and traitors from the nearest vertical object? If you still wilfully wander through this muddled maze then at least be man enough to admit it to yourself.

Our enemies are boundlessly ruthless and cunning and yet we appear unable to shake off our merciful and credulous nature. That is why most within nationalism will not have given up hope even after this most recent general election. To those people I say: you are deceiving yourselves and you most likely know it. I am not prepared to debate these people on the subject any longer. If this topic crops up again in conversation, please excuse me if I just walk away.


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