Occidental Observer interviews (ex UKIP) Jack Sen

Jack Senhttp://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/05/interview-with-jack-sen-part-1/

My immediate thought was “he doesn’t look very British to me, and Sen is rather an unusual surname.” And as it turns out:

Jack Sen – Activist ‏@jacksenukip Apr 30 Was ‘told’ @ukip was racist today by an Indian @edgehill uni student. After 5 minutes of being shouted at I told him my granddad was Indian

Jack Sen – Activist ‏@jacksenukip Apr 30 @DICS131294 @UKIP @edgehill Sen is a Bengali Hindu name. My granddad was from India. I asked the runt if he realised Sen was an indian nm

From: https://twitter.com/jacksenukip/status/593875110953619456

Come on Kevin!


9 thoughts on “Occidental Observer interviews (ex UKIP) Jack Sen

  1. Nataliya Savchuk says:

    Yet another white trash blogger warrior trashing someone that has done a good thing. Besides he looks whiter than your average Portuguese and greeek. So sick of cowardly white males hiding behind their pcs and criticising men that fight. bloody pathetic that youd actually try to discredit someone that tries to help. and cowardly that you do so from behind your pc!!!


    1. ragsmakepaper says:

      Don’t shoot the messenger, MS Savchuk, it isn’t my fault Jack Sen is mixed race. Isn’t it funny how desperate White people are for heroes, even going to the extent of claiming non-Whites as their own. No doubt Jack speaks the truth on many issues, but the fact is he is not British or White – that is simply the unpleasant truth of the matter. These ‘acceptable’ mixed breeds, et al, are a far worse threat to our survival than militant Islam, for instance. Islam is openly hostile and public sentiment–if the pitiful governments of Europe so wished–could easily be whipped up against it. Against the silent genocide of our people, however, the solution is not so simple. As for being a coward and hiding behind my PC, I am more than willing to speak to anyone worth speaking to in person and will be at the London Forum this coming Saturday. As all who know me will inform you, I am not afraid to speak my mind. No more comments from you please.


  2. Nataliya Savchuk says:

    Lastly, its DR Macdonald and MR Sen. If you were a TRUE nationalist you’d recognise that’s how you address accomplished people.
    You won’t post this as youre a coward.And one last thing. NO ONE READS THIS BLOG


    1. AAA says:

      “If you were a TRUE nationalist you’d recognise that’s how you address accomplished people.”

      And there’s me thinking that a true nationalist is one who advances the survival, proliferation, and development of his nation (folk-race)? Ah well, back to annotating ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘Miss, ‘Ms’, ‘Dr’, ‘Prof’.. aside names to hopefully reclaim my position as a ‘nationalist’.


      1. John Londen says:

        Back to the bottom of the class for you. Making sure you get someone’s title right is of vital importance in Nationalism and something all BNP recruits learn from the very first day.

        Calling someone Miss when they are Missus or Dr when they are Prof is sufficient to have you expelled and will also earn you a lifetime ban from Stormfront and a profile on Redwatch as a subversive.

        Courtesy, good manners and lettered etiquette will save our Race! Future generations of white and half-caste Indian children will look back and admire the Mister Sens and Professor MacDonalds and Ms. Savchuks who got their titles right while cursing Philistines such as yourself who lack the fine breeding and social subtlety required to move effortlessly through the sophisticated waters of British Civic Nationalism.

        Long Live Britain! God Save The Queen!

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