Hashtag “Badass Nancy Boys”

DadGamer“Badass” women are going to bathe in your male tears you misogynist neckbeards. We’re not letting you have your video games, your comic books, your football, or your action movies. We’re even going to make Mad Max a feminist.

From Gregory Hood at Radix Journal

This epitomises what the flaky, creepy, whinging, wimps of the New/Alt Right are all about. Just give them an endless supply of risque video games and comic books and they can while away their frustrated lives ogling delicately illustrated busty demon-bitches and act out their rage in pixilated glee, or push a beer into their sweaty palms as they clamour at non-Whites and dunces kicking a ball around a pristine pitch for hours.

And who cares about “Mad Max”? Are we so desperate for heroes that now hollow Hollywood characters are sacred to us, as sacred in fact as spending fistfuls of dollars at the cinematic coliseums of noise, debauchery, and distraction? For those who never fail to berate the Jewish Hollywood Film Industry, many of these excuses for manhood tend to spend large portions of their lives discussing movies, the characters, plots, and the metapolitical ramifications of such overblown tripe.

They then have the gall to criticise White women who do not find them, their ideas, or their lifestyle, attractive!

Go forth and multiply I beg you…


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