WIN Podcast No. 54

WINLogoComThe Oath

I am White. I am a steward of my race. It is my duty and my responsibility to ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of my kind, no matter the cost.

I must survive because Fate has appointed me a guardian of my precious genetic inheritance – and my tribe must survive so that it may preserve this irreplaceable legacy for all time.

Our people must proliferate unhindered and forever – and our sacred Idea must remain the imperishable vow that binds us, protects us, and guides us in all matters.

I must embrace personal development – just as my tribe must perpetually evolve towards ever higher states of consciousness and reach for that which is today inconceivable.

In submitting to the Idea, I also embrace the dual moral code that will form the foundation of our salvation, ushering in a new social order and the conception of a new man.

In all matters I am free to deceive my enemies; in all matters I am forbidden to deceive the adherents of the Idea; in all matters, our survival, proliferation, and development takes precedence.

I understand that the old social order is a hostile occupation and I permit it no dominion over my thoughts and actions; it will not destroy my spirit, it will itself be outlasted.

This oath I swear freely and honestly, and may it keep me until the moment of my death.

This oath I swear before my ancestors, my comrades and peers, and those of my kind who are yet to come; they will exist because I exist; they will endure because I endure.

I am a part of life’s perpetual struggle.

I am now a prophet of the Idea.

It is good to be White – and it is good to be alive!

Long Live the New Tribe!


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