Prepare to become an outlaw…

Assuming you are a “fascist” or a “nazi” that is.


6 thoughts on “Prepare to become an outlaw…

  1. Wolf of the Sun says:

    Could be a very useful development in helping White Racialists toward a complete divorce from the dead-end politics of the Old Order, and all the thinking (‘When we come to power …’, ‘When the British people come to their senses …’, etc.) that goes with it. The struggle is no longer merely political, but biological.


  2. BOnele1982 says:

    Why doesn’t May also say the Government (sic) is outlawing Communists? Militant Tendency? Common Purpose subversion?

    Because they are the same as the Conservatives, a party which espouses no conservative values whatsoever!

    Up is down
    left is right
    black is white
    and day is night

    All one sees from Government (sic) is now CONTRA NATURAM, a sure enough indicator that its intentions bode ill for humanity.


  3. AAA says:

    “Since the 2011 revised ‘Prevent strategy, the government has defined extremism as:
    ‘vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of
    law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We also include in our definition of extremism calls for the death of members of our armed forces,
    whether in this country or overseas'” (para. 1.3). (Notice how the ‘far right’ is consistently mentioned but not once the ‘far left’ in this 9-page document.)

    And so, people, we are all now ‘extremists’ as well as the now-interchangeable ‘terrorists’. This ought to necessitate an urgent re-appraisal of our position. “This Bill won’t be passed,” I hear you say? That’s exactly what was said about other such legislation used to ban action and word of we, the true resistance. This proposal is simply the next chapter.


    1. Wolf of the Sun says:

      Stealth. Staying off the radar of the State. Personal contact. And no doubt wholly new tactics and strategies, developed in the context of a wholly new struggle, that of sheer biological survival. Resistance movements of the past, whatever their political colour, are worth studying, whilst bearing in mind that the current struggle (which is beyond mere politics and its quotidian concerns) is unique and will, if we get the first part (survival) right, last for generations, not just from one utterly irrelevant and pointless election to another.


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