MetaWe have thrown down the gauntlet in terms of the requirement to covertly construct White communities within existing White localities. The blueprint for these racially-conscious communities—our burgeoning tribal enclaves—has been made ‘open-source’ because of the need for replication, and we have learned from bitter historic experience that massive umbrella organisations can be effortlessly infiltrated and subverted. But beyond the ordered ethnic hubs we are creating in Britain, we must occasionally unfocus our attention on specific locations and reconsider our own people, the stewards of the race, and contemplate the central skills we will need in order to aid us in the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind.

I have mentioned on many occasions a form of soft activism I term ‘small acts of rebellion’. The consequences of our small and subtly acts of rebellion are two-fold: a) they engender a sense of personal empowerment and a real-world disconnection from the hostile occupation into which we have been born, and b) they provide us with a surplus of free time which would otherwise have been poorly spent in thrall to the chief channel of enemy propaganda: the television, or distracted by absurd ball games, etc.

Before I go any further, allow me to clarify the word rebellion in the context that it is being used. At no point do I employ the word rebellion with connotations being made to violence; it is, in this instance, to be defined as the action or process of resisting a hostile authority, enemy control, and malevolent conventions. Our rebellion is not passive, but neither is it intemperate or fuelled by hatred. Our rebellion revolves around the glowing star of our sacred Idea and the eternal love of our kind.

Tribalism is at the core of our new world perspective and it is the acknowledgement that we, as sole stewards of our precious genetic inheritance, are governed by duty, responsibility, and an almost palpable urgency, and this understanding determines our exertions. Running in parallel with our tactic of small acts of rebellion is the demand to evaluate broader gradations of our dissent against hostile occupation. One such thought must involve the career choices and vocations of our fellows. In keeping with our gradual, though inexorable, detachment from an inimical regime, our objectives must be to assist the adherents of the Idea in becoming an integral part of a meta-community, of which our racially-conscious communities will, in the fullness of time, be made strongholds.

It is an essential aspect of our struggle against oppression that the stewards of our race become as independent as is possible from every mechanism of our pervasive draconian society. Our small acts of rebellion merely represent the prelude to what is to come. The second stage in our liberation is the move towards the wide-spread self-employment of the self-appointed stewards. But in order to achieve this goal, all adherents to the Idea must play a decisive role. All who are capable must begin to offer their services as experts, advisers, and patrons, sustaining the progressive, though circumspect, flow of power from a corrupt and mendacious regime to those who will inevitably establish a new social order.

There are many untapped business opportunities which simply require a small amount of funding and the will and manpower to effectively launch them. We must start mining these occupational veins and deposits, not for the purposes of ‘get rich quick’ schemes or to exploit those with the drive to undertake them, but to form and augment our tiny, but no longer fetal, new nation; our meta-community. And there are several underlying reasons for suggesting a strategy of aspiring towards full self-employment:

  1. Many of those currently unemployed or languishing in menial, low-paid jobs may well have the opportunity to beginning earning a better wage;
  2. Self-employment, although certainly not undemanding, often circumvents the typical working arrangements of PAYE professions, frequently affording one the ability to more effectively manage working hours and allot spare weekday time to other activities relevant to our cause, including essential community work, organising and attending meetings, etc.;
  3. The psychological grip of our hostile occupation is lessened and the ‘everyday grind’ is increasingly fragmented;
  4. Racialists will begin to employ other adherents of the Idea, meaning that we generate our own regional and national markets. We will begin to establish a living network of working comrades across the country making employing our own, and even relocation to racially-conscious target areas, far easier and more lucrative prospects;
  5. There are various tax benefits;
  6. If, as is the case in so many instances, our enemies instigate a campaign of hate against a racial patriot, we are as such far less likely to lose our livelihoods due to the fact that a frightened, craven boss or manager no longer exists.

Before this can happen, however, the stewards of our race must gravitate to one another and scrutinise seriously their present situations. We will also be obliged to examine our current skill sets and be willing to take instruction and guidance where necessary. In the coming months a (White nationalist) symposium will be held in order to exchange views on this, and other, critical topics, and draw some important conclusions. Attendance at this conference will be restricted by invitation and successful application. More details will follow shortly, both here and elsewhere.

The process of building a new nation, one conceived and constructed in our own image, is barely beginning, but understand this: it is happening. We cannot, as the sole stewards of our rare and beautiful race, hand down to the next generation nothing but vague possibilities and abstract fantasies. If we do nothing during our time on earth then we will be rightly considered as traitors to our grand legacy and the posterity we casually failed. In this generation something must change. In this generation the foundations will be poured.

Long Live the New Tribe.


One thought on “Meta-community

  1. anon says:

    This seriously makes me reconsider my career choice. Teaching seemed ‘safe’ to me, but it really is the opposite as it makes one an easy target if you become active. I actually left self employment for security. Perhaps I made the wrong move.


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