GaysHomophobia literally means ‘an irrational fear of the same’ which clearly makes no sense. But to dislike everything homosexual is understandable and draconian re-conditioning is widely recognised as the only method likely to overcome this innate aversion. Not wishing to witness two people of the same sex kissing, for instance, is not ‘hatred,’ it is the natural, default response from a normal, healthy individual. The reaction to the incessant promotion of homosexuality is hatred because normal, healthy people can only tolerate so much before they either reluctantly submit to the crushing pressure to conform or they steadily become bitter and resentful.

The purpose of heterosexuality–Life’s conventional gender position–is not sexual gratification. Attraction, the bond of love, and the pleasure of sexual intercourse, are merely precursors to the production of offspring. In Man, the three aforementioned emotions are generally prerequisites for a successful relationship, the traditional family unit, and the raising of well-balanced young.

Homosexuality, by design and in contrast, cannot progress past the act of sex (if it can really be termed as such) and is therefore a material thing; an end in itself – it does not fulfil one of the primary tenets of existence. Homosexuals, unless they are to become eminent thinkers and visionaries–because I do not believe that such people should ever be appointed as leaders–are evolutionary dead-ends. That is an observational statement fuelled by cold, clinical facts, not by passion or hostility.

Now, the astute reader may believe that he/she/it has detected a crude contradiction. I say that homosexuals must not be be allowed to achieve positions of authority because of the reasons I have already given. Out of necessity, those who produce offspring in the time honoured practice, are compelled to acts of altruism in order to stabilise the family and ensure the survival of their children–their genetic inheritance–and future generations thereafter. This is the fundament of a community, which is in turn the bricks and mortar of a nation. The survival, proliferation, and development of the most important ingredients of a national entity, the folk, is at the root of the human experience.

Homosexuals, stunted in the rational and habitual task of building family, community, and nation, create their own aberrant versions of society, principally centred on sex and personal satisfaction. Sex and personal satisfaction (i.e., the contemporary Religion of Happiness) is now the predominant driving force of all humanoid life in the West and one of the many reasons we, as a race, are headed towards extinction.

I am not particularly interested in being drawn into the debate over whether or not homosexuality occurs naturally or if it is in fact ‘inflicted,’ because I believe both to be the case, but the fact remains that homosexuals exist and they are certainly represented within the White nationalist ‘movement.’ I find it difficult to accept the argument that homosexuals can be ‘full-blooded’ racialists, the reason being that, and as previously stated, the over-arching modus vivendi of ‘gays’ is themselves; their sexual appetite; their well-being; whatever is good for them at any given moment. This stumbling block is ever-present, there is no avoiding it. Every action, thought, and utterance is for the benefit and aggrandisement of the individual, not for the macrocosm. Thus we witness the ‘gay agenda’ frequently cropping up in the outpourings of those prominent movement personalities we all know are queers, whether they are secretly, openly, or just seven-tenths.

Should homosexuals be tolerated in the movement? I would suggest that they should not be actively welcomed, but those already involved and who are doing some good (assuming that these people are not officially ‘out of the closet’ and do not make a habit of displaying their… habits) and so long as we are conscious of the above, then I believe homosexuals are well down the rankings in terms of the issues we face as a declining racial/ideological group.

If homosexuality was not being so aggressively force-fed to the denizens of the Occident, I doubt every much that such statements would be necessary.


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