A Blueprint for Survival

CabinIn this post-nationalist era, assigning fruitless electioneering to the bin of history will come to be considered as the initial step in how we survived our hostile occupation. Until we control our institutions, including the mass media, genuine racial patriots will not be voted into government. This has been a political reality since the second world war.

Community building is now at the forefront of progressive racialist thinking. Community building begins with tribalisation, which in turn is conceived by acceding to certain truths. Our truth is that we, as stewards of our race, must ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind, no matter the cost. In submitting to this idea we have become a tribe within a tribe, destined to build a nation from within a terminal nation.

Several building models and methods have been formulated and a small number have been put into practice, which is encouraging given our recurrent tendency to merely confer and procrastinate, and to concoct competent excuses for inertia. Turning theories into action is the only feasible way of shaping the future of our people. A problem has been identified, the most important factors assessed, and now solutions are being proposed, but we must also be prepared to critically analyse the resultant tactics before we become carried away with ourselves.

Community building relies heavily on personal development, but the growth of the individual is only a single component of a wider philosophy and should not be lauded as the final purpose of our endeavours or the solution to our problems. There is much talk of producing ‘real’ men from the human material presently available. The processes involved in ‘making men’ invariably includes promoting physical fitness and conditioning, incorporating armed and unarmed combat training, rebalancing dietary regimens, and encouraging self-sufficiency, self-respect, and self-confidence. Unfortunately for us, our school system is no longer fit for this indispensable purpose and so, thankfully, racial patriots are beginning to fill the vacant niche.

Outdoor activities, group events, and sparring—although supervised brawling is more accurate in most cases—have become essential elements in establishing and sustaining personal bonds and a common sense of camaraderie. Important life skills, such as how to hunt, kill, prepare, and cook game; deliver a convincing and compelling speech; and effectively defend oneself from an assailant, are also acquired through such pursuits.

The impetus for ‘making men’ should not, however, be confined to the personal wellbeing of the individual. Our civilisation is not collapsing because White men are no longer content with their allotted roles or optimistic about their future. The sanguinity of our menfolk is not the problem. Our problem is titanic, although it is not indomitable: our racial enemies, competitors, and traitors have unleashed upon us a hostile occupation—arguably its official inauguration was the second world war—to which we have no defence due to our congenital moral and spiritual values. Even ‘real’ men can be triturated beneath the velvet-clad gauntlet of a prolonged and tranquil genocide.

The solution to the problem is therefore community building, which is reliant upon the construction of not only ‘real’ men, but also of ‘new’ men: a man profoundly stirred by the slow death of our genetic inheritance through miscegenation and non-White fecundity, just as intensely as if the massed ranks of a heavily-armed enemy division had appeared on the horizon; a man to whom deceiving his racial competitors is judged without shame; a man to whom the survival, proliferation, and development of his tribe is considered the beating heart of his existence.

But building log cabins on isolated patches of land will not ensure our survival. There is no pressing need to revert to a primitive lifestyle in order to tap into our more primitive impulses, although regular exposure to our ‘darker side’ (as I am certain our detractors will deem this behaviour) is crucial in the maintenance of a keen edge. Ultimately, our objective is not to fabricate for ourselves quaint, self-sufficient societies completely divorced from the modern era. There are certain aspects of contemporary life we unambiguously reject, such as the colonisation of our homelands by non-Whites, aggressive feminism and feminisation, outrageous usury, governmental malfeasance and treason, the promotion of homosexuality as a ‘life-style choice,’ the degradation of academia, etc., but we should not dismiss the advances our people, uniquely, have generated so that we are no longer forced to toil every second of every day merely to exist. This hostile occupation has built nothing and it is incapable of doing so; it can only destroy and pervert and falsify. In contrast, our works of genius stand as silhouettes against the morning sky, still largely untouched and intact, but draped in a garish, repulsive blanket.

It should not be frowned upon to dwell in a house, to utilise running water and electricity. These things do not fashion ‘real’ men into weaklings and cowards. What has turned ‘real’ men into weaklings and cowards is the way in which he has been raised, educated, and mentally conditioned. Modern accoutrements and conveniences–although these things may have dulled his keen edge–are not the principle culprits. Our spirit has been dampened not by personal computers and fast food, but by the perennial poisonous whispers of our enemies, echoed by our own apostates; little mistruths and abhorrent falsehoods that keep our backs bent and our eyes fixed upon the floor. This transformation been achieved by subverting our natural instincts and, as such, altering our culture to serve a purpose contrary to our sacred Idea.

Only when a man has had his spirit broken, or if it has been subjected to malformation, do the luxuries of the modern world begin to asphyxiate him and inhibit his potential. The reverent devotion to the mostly inane junk and gadgets displayed by so many of our men today is a symptom of the corruption of his soul; an overt expression of the structural collapse of our traditional communities, culture, and civilisation. Re-making men is conditional to re-making authentic communities, culture, and civilisations – much of which depends on rediscovery as it does reformation.

Erecting log cabins in distant forests can either be evaluated as a productive and valuable hobby or—casting niceity aside—it is a levant from a situation regarded as intolerable. Furthermore, it represents the planting of a flag far away form what is recognised as normality. Not only does this associate racialist views with isolationism, numerous anachronisms, and, in some respects, failure, but it also provides the masters of the hostile occupation with an expedient opportunity to fuel their own tumefied conspiracy industries and perhaps even flex its muscles – and that is a battle we simply cannot win, not at present.

The future of community building is within existing White communities, whether these entities are currently demarcated as distinct towns, regions, or are apportioned sections of both. ‘Real’ men can still be bred or re-awakened and so, hand-in-hand, can ‘real’ communities. The deciding factors in all this is ‘real’ leadership and ‘real’ vision. We must offer an alternative reality to both our comrades and those we choose to include within our burgeoning strongholds of sanity and security.

Our steps must never be regressive, although we may well be obliged to take one or two backwards just to facilitate several more forward. There can be no innovation unless we understand our past, but innovation is impossible if we permit the past to dominate us and our actions. We struggle in the present so that there might be a future, a future which depends on development and progress, just as much as it demands the survival and proliferation of our tribe and its stewards.

The blueprint for surviving our hostile occupation is as follows:

1) A rebellion against the existing order, taking advantage of the existing order wherever possible and slowly bleeding it white;

2) The creation of a new man, whose heart and mind are governed by our sacred Idea and especially the qualification “no matter the cost,” which will involve the adoption of a dual moral code of conduct;

3) The creation of a nation from within a terminal nation, the linchpin of which shall be the inception of racially-conscious communities formed, without fanfare, within existing White localities.

It is good to be White.

It is good to be alive.


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