March of the Giants

MarchA recent article on the Western Spring website entitled White Men Marching -The Way Forward! provided some constructive criticism in relation to the culture of demonstration by parade that has existing in nationalism for many decades. The conclusion drawn was that ‘doing it better’ was the eponymous way forward. There appear to be several nationalist/racialist marches and demonstrations being organised at the moment. Assuming for one moment that such public spectacles are indeed beneficial, then ‘doing it better’ is certainly advisable. Here are a few of my own thoughts:

Purpose & Benefit

Why march? That must be the lead question before any such event. And it is not good enough to respond in an expansive manner, the answer should be narrow, concise, and rational. A march against “Jewish Supremacy” for instance is a march pitched at around one thousand people in an ocean of tens of millions. A brief open-air event, heavily vetted by the authorities and a hostile media, will also be unable to convey detailed explanations for the reasons it took to the streets. The message will simply be: “Nazis march” and the negative connotations will waft up like a pungent perfume to the nostrils of the causal observer.

If the purpose of a display is to grab public attention then three critical variables must be considered:

1) Is the subject matter (the very reason for the march) esoteric or easily recognisable?

2) Are those presenting (and representing) the subject disagreeable or acceptable?

3) What will be the lasting impression of the occasion?

So as not to labour each point, I will provide an example of a good march and a bad one:

March A

Subject matter: mass immigration.

Presentation: smart, professional, orderly; various sexes, various ages; plenty of recognisable flags and banners with succinct slogans, such as “Mass Immigration = Genocide.”

Lasting impression: everyone, from all walks of life, is concerned about mass immigration; this non-violent display was well organised and the speeches were articulate, informative, and passionate.

A conclusion: mass immigration affects every corner of Britain and it is clear that no political party is planning on tackling the issue. The marchers didn’t appear to be “Nazis”–tattoos covered-up, no roman salutes or racist outbursts–they were just like you and me. I’ll definitely take a look at some of the websites shown on the banners. I’m almost sorry I couldn’t attend!

March B

Subject matter: Jewish Supremacy.

Presentation: casual/plenty of skulls, Nazi-imagery; mostly young and middle-aged men with shaven heads; plenty of unexplained banners and flags.

Lasting impression: what was that all about?

A conclusion: Neo-Nazis hate Jews and blame all their social problems on them. The only Jews I have ever seen were walking to synagogue wearing funny clothes and sporting long sideburns. Clearly these people are insane. No doubt a few lunatics will be making contact with these people, probably while in prison. These marches should be banned!

Discipline & Practice

Discipline stems from good leadership and without effective management a march will either not take place or it would have been better if it had not. There must be solidarity of purpose even among the various competing and disparate groups, who should all obey a predefined set of rules and obligations. If possible, the march should be structured on pen and paper beforehand and practiced in private in order to rectify any potential problems.

All marchers must be prepared to bite their tongues and not react to provocation. When the column is formed it evolves into a living organism and all its component parts become responsible for its survival. The organism is a manifestation of the ‘movement,’ it represents White Nationalism and, as such, is something that actually matters.


There exists a golden opportunity to make a good initial, and a favourable lasting, impression on those curious members of the British public who still possess a functioning brain. Clothing can be deployed as a mass billboard, just as “Nazi” imagery on t-shirts is used to express solidarity with the past. Although the wearing of political uniform in public was made illegal, a general, over-arching theme can be utilised to significant effect. Perhaps have some cheap t-shirts printed with a face of a victim of white genocide emblazoned upon it, or promote a particularly informative website. A shrewd ploy would be to write the name of a Jewish media mogul or banker on the back of a shirt without further comment. The protestors at the march are as important, if not more so, than the occurrence itself – they should be used for maximum impact.

In terms of the overall march, keep it tight and keep it orderly. A disconnect swarm of exuberant folk ambling through the city centre might as well be a crowd of football fans (or hooligans, depending on the reporting) after a successful fixture.

The Opposition

A clever tactic is to make your critics work for you. A calm, almost serene, and well-organised column of strength and unit cannot be daunted by vilifiers, the press, or even the security services. If time permits, and assuming the demonstration has no legal obstacles in its way, the greater the fuss generated before the event the better as this will foster publicity, which is the reason for the march in the first instance, and increase interest. There is no greater or more striking political contrast than a smart, regimented procession of genuine patriots juxtaposed against a screaming, stinking, unsightly horde of left-wing, anti-White trash.


Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again by isolating yourselves, and the ‘movement,’ from the very people you profess to love. These poor folk have been lied to and conditioned their entire lives so the wearing of kid gloves is essential if they are to be re-educated. Although the British will in due course receive the sledgehammer of multi-racial reality from their ever declining social environment, the imposed anxiety of belligerant “Nazis,” ‘Fascists,” and “Racists” will remain due to their in-built herd instinct and our enemy’s incredibly potent propaganda. The task of nationalist marchers should not be to compound lurid myths but instead to redefine them and engender hope.

Frustration and anger can play no part in public demonstrations and, when the event is over, there can only be one question on the lips of the spectators: can these people offer me something better? Social ostracism is not ‘something better,’ but a new, healthier, saner society certainly is…

March of the Giants II


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