PalestineJust a brief statement I thought it would be worth making: I could not care any less about the suffering of Palestinians or any other non-Whites for that matter. Certainly we–if there really is a ‘we’–can use Jewish aggression against Palestinians for our own propaganda purposes (just as Black-on-Black violence is extremely instructive), but to concern ourselves with the well-being of non-Whites is beyond the pale. If this makes me a bad man then I will wear that badge with pride and honour.

The stewards of our race are responsible for the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind, all other considerations generally involve vanity, a lack of forethought, or an over-abundance of oestrogen.


2 thoughts on “Palestinians

    1. ragsmakepaper says:

      I am a Zionist in the sense that I believe all Jews should relocate to Israel. Many Jews claiming to be Zionists today are false in the sense that they do not live in Israel, instead preferring to intimidate the gullible Goyim and “fund-raise” for Jewish interests, including Israel and Israelis, in our homelands and former colonies. These folk are not Zionists, they are in fact Jewish Supremacists and have one foot rooted in our world (milking the West for whatever they can get, and usually promoting an anti-White agenda) while the other is in former Palestine, which has become a convenient bolt-hole should their nefarious activities be judged criminal.

      Religious Jews are slightly different as they tend not to concern themselves with Whites and generally keep themselves to themselves, refusing to integrate. Although I agree that Jews should not be assimilated into White society (what’s left of it!) and should remain divorced from us, I still believe that all Jews–practicing, ethnic, or both–should relocate to Israel.

      What Jews do in Palestine to non-Whites in none of my concern – and I have no ‘sins of the father’ guilt stemming from Palestine being offered to the Rothschilds by a wealthy British Earl why ‘we’ governed the region. Balfour and Hitler were probably the greatest non-Jewish Zionists in history.

      That being said, if it is found that Israel is guilty of abducting or duping young White women, from whatever nation, into becoming sex workers/slaves to satiate its own salacious appetites, then all sane White countries should immediately demand an end to this practice beneath the shadow of military reprisal. If Whites cannot begin to think and act tribally, ruthlessly, and pragmatically, then we will never contain ‘outbreaks of Jews’ and will inevitably go the way of the Dodo.


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