Buying Ten

OrionLogoWhite community builders are appealing to racially-conscious patriots to help them raise £400,000 to purchase properties in their Northern regional stronghold, augmenting their existing embryonic community. More information to follow.


2 thoughts on “Buying Ten

  1. beechingscutz says:

    “A worse selection of individuals, men, women and children, could scarcely have been made — a population made up for the most part of the worst part of Society. The adults were steeped in poverty ; lazy, dirty and thriftless : the smell of tobacco in almost every house, and a dunghill beginning to rise under almost every window. The children and youths were no better ; they were quarrelsome, unmannerly”

    C5: Benefits By The Sea: Jaywick | Season 1 Episode 2 |

    This must be the Whitest area in the SE – outside The City.


    1. ragsmakepaper says:

      I have never suggested that we do not have our own problems, because we do and lots of them. However, we do not need these issues compounded by every mother’s son from across the globe. A government that places the interests of the people–the race–ahead of all else would be a decent beginning.


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