Nationalist: Fervent supporter of a ‘nation,’ no matter how corrupt and malign that nation has become.


5 thoughts on “Nationalist

      1. Wolf of the Sun says:

        Precisely whose will depend upon whether an attachment to the political boundaries of an occupied territory remains cleaved to, or whether a novel and tribal survival strategy is adopted. One brings with it the stench of defeat, the other the fragrance of new life.


      2. ragsmakepaper says:

        Well put.

        And consider yourself the inspiration for the muse whispering this in my ear:

        A storm of crows enwrapped the sun
        Yet day turned not to night
        Victory hung about our hair
        And plumes of black met light

        And ravens came to what was done
        And we recalled the fight
        Sweet-scented flames filled morning air
        Our foes now burning bright

        Amidst our agony was won
        Our souls freed from the blight
        That corpses should not smell so fair
        And might is endless right


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