No doubt like many of you when I ‘log on’ I have developed the habit of scanning quickly through a handful of popular “White Nationalist” websites, mostly to appease my curiosity and, nearly always in vain, in the hope that I will find an article, post, or thought pattern that really talks my language, so to speak. May I just say–on behalf of our precious genetic inheritance and our eternal posterity–What A Lot Of Shite!

Many thanks.


6 thoughts on “W.A.L.O.S.

  1. Wolf of the Sun says:

    SInce most can be characterised as a waste of human time, it should be no surprise that they can be characterised in terms of human waste. It’s time to move on: a wholly new situation requires a wholly new appreciation. We have a fantastic opportunity to break away from the old, failed model and do something novel, i.e. (unlike white nationalism since 1945) SUCCEED!


    1. ragsmakepaper says:

      I don’t believe there is anything particularly novel in tribalism, it is a very natural and progressive happening when social groups do not reflect the will (or ‘soul’) of a proportion of its members. The innovation comes in the form of the mindset of the new tribalists and the image in which they create their new communities and how they influence future generations.


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