White Tribalism

I am a White Tribalist. I am not a Nationalist, National Socialist, Fascist, White Separatist, Racist, etc., I am a White Tribalist.

‘White’ is a physical precondition while ‘Tribalism’ is a mental state, underpinned by the sacred truth that we, as the sole stewards of our race, must ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind, no matter the cost.

To be a White Tribalist is to the accept the re-classification of humanity into three distinct groups: the In Group, the Neutral Group, and the Out Group. The In Group consists of those that have fully submitted to the Idea, our fellow White Tribalists; The Neutral Group is composed of the remaining White population, no matter how intellectually deluded it may be at any moment in time; while the Out Group is represented by our racial competitors: all other subspecies, races, and the multifarious, presently unclassified, human ethnic varieties.

Our interaction with these two groups will be explored in chapter III of The Way of the Open Fist.


One thought on “White Tribalism

  1. P Bowen says:

    I’m so glad this project is still up and running. Even though I am not actively involved, I feel so much better knowing people are working to make this happen.


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