Sisyphus Syndrome

New groups expounding on enervated, ineffectual ideas and enterprises. Old groups perpetually pushing the same massive boulder up a mountain only to witness in frustration as the spherical rock inevitably rolls back to earth. White nationalism appears completely incapable of recovering from the terrible war that rocked our world to its foundations.

It is with a great deal of exasperation that a tiny handful of us—those who genuinely wish to secure the existence of our precious genetic inheritance—listen to the exhausted tactics of the Old and the New nationalist factions, both appropriately dressed in marginally contrasting packaging so as to suit the calendar or entice potential recruits. And it is clear to some of us that either the bearings of these respective factions have been predetermined by malicious forces, or they simply do not possess the imagination to take constructive steps to achieve our collective objections.

In fact, the White nationalist discipline itself has been corrupted by the ridiculously fabricated—albeit fascinating—glamour created by our eternal enemies just as it gradually atrophied from lack of innovation and the mundane adherence to orthodox and heritable concepts. What passes for the movement today is a goat tided to a stake, and with the stake as the pivot, the goat has bitten back to grass to its roots in a flawless circle. The lush pastures beyond are inaccessible to the partially domesticated animal and its posturing and incessant circumferential pacing does nothing to postpone its inevitable slaughter.

There are several stumbling blocks which interminably catch the ankles of White nationalism:

1. The Second World War / “Nazism”
2. Jews and the Holocaust
3. Activism
4. Nationalism
5. Democracy

This is what I believe should be the perspective of the White Tribalist in relation to the above topics:

The Second World War / “Nazism”

A ghoulish obsession with past events is unhealthy and achieves nothing of lasting worth. Certainly, to devote oneself to the study of history—real history, not the fantastic inventions of our enemies and traitors—is honourable and valuable, but it must be a viewed as a string in our bow and not our central focus. We learn from history just as we acquire meaningful knowledge throughout our lives and through personal experience. To repeat history is to stand against the current of life and defy the evolutionary processes that govern our living planet.

Most of us comprehend what occurred during World War Two, at least enough to draw a rough silhouette and unravel the reasons it was fought, who it is actually fought for, and the consequences of the outcome for our race. In terms of disseminating this information, it is largely a matter of private vanity on behalf of White nationalists, many of whom truly believe that the rump of White people extant today are capable of overthrowing a lifetime of ignorance and mental conditioning if presented with the undiluted ‘truth’ from blacklisted groups and individuals.

When studying World War Two it must be the systemic causality of that sorry episode in our recent history which arouses our curiosity and sparks the question of how we might apply this knowledge to assist us in our time. Localised events of the past are the preoccupation of the pure historian—the life-academic—not the stewards of the race. Similar is true for the re-enactment of ‘Nazism,’ something which has tainted White nationalism since it become the playground pastime of fantasists, the mentally inept, and state stooges. ‘Nazism’ is not the organic extension of what occurred on the European continent before and during the great Aryan war, it is a stilted Hollywood concoction.

National Socialism was intended as a worldview, a weltanschaung, while the spectre of ‘Nazism’ in our era can be summed up as a fanciful spectacle of reaction and rejection of the modern, Judaic reproduction of West civilisation. ‘Nazism’ is now simply a tarnished badge, an insubstantial symbol of discontent. Neo-Nazis—whether they claim to be bona fide National Socialists or not—have been coerced into adapting to their reorganised environment in an erroneous fashion so that they are forever marginalised and can never settle. ‘Nazism’ is our enemy’s supreme excuse for persecution (they need no further reasons it now seems) and for those who have rejected the world metamorphosis, persecution takes on an intoxicating quality and supplements their mental and physical isolation. But this disassociation from the ebb and flow of contemporary life cannot take root in new communities purely because ‘Nazism’ is far too conspicuous a thing, it is in fact both a a beacon and a repellant our enemies have imposed upon us and it serves their purposes perfectly.

Jews and the Holocaust

Once again we have fallen in to yet another bear trap and are meticulously picking over the scraps of history and whatever evidence is left to us. Our motives are undeniably honest but they are misguided to the point of near delirium. For what reasons do we investigate the verity of the so-called Holocaust? Are we still so delusional as to believe that a few scores of scruffy, socially exiled intellectuals can convince the White population of the globe that six million Jews were not in actuality murdered by the Germans during World War Two? If we do not believe this then it is high time we admitted to ourselves that Holocaust revisionism has become an unhealthy fixation and should be abandoned. There are already too many books on this unusual subject and our time could be better spent purposing other endeavours.

Equally, the ‘Jewish question’ has taken on neurotic qualities and now, for many, even overshadows the basic principles of White nationalism. Anti-Zionism has, in some circles, eclipsed racialism and will continue to do so long as intriguing conspiracies are mulled over and dissected online and during exclusive nationalist meetings. As is the case with World War Two, we know about ‘the Jews’ so why continue to deliberate on what they may or may not being? We cannot alter their agenda and so our time, energy, and resources would be better expended elsewhere and on other ventures.

Furthermore, ’naming the Jew’ has become a cause célèbre on the internet (which is where folk who rarely express their views in person can readily, and raucously, clamour, squabble, and vent their frustrations) but it serves no other function than to ingratiate anonymous internet personalities with their favourite virtual ‘Nazis’ or Anti-Zionist VIPs – and vice versa. The public glean nothing of importance from the experience—those that can be bothered to visit such websites—apart from rekindling the unsubtly secreted idea that ‘Nazis’ are unhinged, see Jews under the bed, and would rather blame bogeymen for their inadequacies and vast problems than tackle them head-on as their ancestors were duly compelled.

When is comes to the Jews and the Holocaust a nod is as good as a wink – there are many other important matters that require our immediate attention.

Movement Activism

The the apogee of the Old and the New nationalist entities, which separates the men from the boys. Demonstration, marches, leafleting, sticker and graffiti campaigns, electioneering, these are the futile pursuits of several desperate generations of racialists. The Old and the New are, whether they like it or not, overlapping hemispheres; both as equally concerned with influence and opinion as the other. The Old hopes to persuade the masses and prevail while obeying the shifting rules of the established order—often without any ingenuity—, while the New seeks to ram their truth down the throats of the masses, achieving victory in the form of a widespread, potentially violent, awakening. Neither method will succeed because both rely on the indomitable will, integrity, and perspicacity of the general public; the very folk whch have displayed none of these qualities for decades.

This duology of activism serves our enemies thusly: open acts of defiance, such as a public demonstration, fuels the ‘Nazi conspiracy’ narrative so important to the administrators of our hostile occupation. And because we exist beneath hostile occupation, all attempts to utilise our enemies mechanisms for our own advantage are fruitless and, ultimately, counterproductive. Our masters are more than capable of presenting even an intelligent purveyor of the ‘truth’ as a figure of contempt and derision. In addition, our lack of professionalism and media polish does not go unnoticed by the expectant though listless masses, and neither do our unfashionable views and opinions.

Activism for the sake of the public is therefore as sterile as activity designed to indulge individual narcissism. Only when our movement is conceived as a living thing—a true weltanschauung—will it possess the innate ability to attract and convince and to finally alter our declining fortunes. While it remains a sideshow or a hobby it will simply repel genuine interest and undermine our efforts.


Unfortunately for our progeny, nationalism is burdened with copious quantities of unnecessary baggage. Nationalism is associated with vacant expressions, such as “Queen and Country,” and is intrinsically linked with democracy and traditional parliamentary politics. Modern nationalism is a notion bound to the material world, to objects, symbols, places, personalities, and even institutions;* it no longer adheres to the its core etymological origins: race, breed, tribe. Because nationalism has lost its inherent meaning, racialism is perhaps a better term, although White Tribalism is a designation I myself prefer as it is by far the most precise and concise explicator of our credo.

Without a doubt nationalism is, with the correct clarifications and caveats, more palpable to the population at large than a concept as esoteric as White Tribalism. But the advantage of this mass appeal is counterpoised by a plethora significant handicaps, namely the attraction of individuals we would otherwise not wish to affiliate ourselves with (and certainly would not want marrying our daughters) and the ease with which the hostile occupation is able harness even vacuous and myopic nationalist sentiment for its own nefarious aims. With the exception of the latter scenario, nationalism could be employed as a means to screen potential racialists—and White Tribalists—, although that would depend on the broad agreement of historically intractable organisations and individuals and the existence of a second movement body to which potential recruits could be directed.

At present British nationalism—including English ‘nationalism’—is an expired political ideology the death knell of which was wrung at the onset of World War Two. The conviction that Britain can stand on its own as the White world collapses around it is preposterous, especially when consideration is given to the state of the British population following the loss of so many of its best young men and the consequences of seventy years of non-White immigration and dysgenic breeding practices. Only a neo-tribal principle (that the best of all White nations must co-operate and ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind, no matter the cost) will sustain us in the years to come.

Apart from the function I outlined briefly above, modern state-resolved nationalism is of little use to us in this post-nationalist epoch.


It is astonishing and troubling to me that a movement which contends that human equality is as artificial as styrofoam, Coca Cola, and the promises of career politicians, still desperately clings to the coattails of political democracy. I believe we have now reached the stage whereby those within the prevailing movement who express their adherence to the democratic principle cannot be considered as ‘fellow travellers.’ It is that fundamental a canon.

Imposed democracy is for the homogenised, equalised, consuming human swarm – it represents our enemy’s cutting edge. Democracy contradicts the meritocratic rectitude that must govern the political attitudes of our posterity. Even ‘true’ democracies assume too much and rail against nature, while our current ‘liberal democracies’ are synthetic shams; built upon erroneous substructures and administered by the dishonest, senile, and stupid. Democracy is, simply put, a social aberration established and maintained to assist in the the destruction of our people.

For more on democracy please listen to this White Independent Nation podcast: Why I Do Not Believe In Democracy

Final Word

Whether or not nationalists can turn away from these absurd preoccupations will be determined in due course. Our governments are preparing to increase the pressure on those whose views digress from the normal, politically correct manifestos of our enemies and traitors. Nationalists are being forced into a corner and this great squeeze can only serve to benefit White Tribalism and the tenets upon which it has been built. The Old and the New of nationalism are two side of the same coin in a pure digital economy. We have a choice: to willing embrace true change and a new model or we, in Britain at least, shall embrace extinction. And it is later than you think.

*Whilst online banking I have noticed my international loan shark almost exclusively deploys images of couples, only one of whom is White, grinning witlessly at each other or at a low rate of interest they have been offered in order to facilitate the production of mongrel offspring. This example does not even scratch the surface of the rot that has set in.


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