Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

In this book Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World, Arthur Kemp devotes chapter six to a ‘case study’ in which he describes the events that played an integral role in the creation of the state of Israel. Kemp attempts, with varying degrees of success, to explicate how this historic information may be beneficial to members of our race intent on establishing a “ethnostate” of their own.

Of course the actions of post-war Jews could be be defined as terrorism, but from a certain point of view these proto-Israelis were simply carving out territory for their people, much in the same way as various European nations and empires had conspicuously done prior to the Second World War. The fundamental dissimilarity between the manner in which our European ancestors colonised and extended their geographic range and the birth of Israel in the Middle East is one of methodology and tactics.

It is only natural that Europeans should rely on their innate strengths, and so the expansion of Whites across the earth is characterised by open warfare with a heavy dependence on technological superiority, as opposed to numerical advantage. Conversely, and due to their inherently disparate ethical code and distinctive survival strategy, the Jews that founded Israel drew from their their own unique set of skills, which are markedly different from the traditional practices of our antecedents.

As opposed to engaging in brazen combat, and lacking the ability to produce peerless weaponry, the Jewish effort to secure an exclusive homeland focused on the congenital cunning, duplicity, and clandestine behavioural conventions of their singular tribe. Clearly the Israelis were successful and following the United Nation partition plan of 1947 and upon declaring independence, the state of Israel now unashamedly annexes additional territory and pursues what has been hysterically described as a reign of terror in relation to their dealings with the indigenous Arabs. They do this, however, in the best interest of their own tribe and their native guile—which includes the deep infiltration of the political, industrial, and opinion-forming arenas of practically every Westernised country—serves to support Israel both economically, militarily, and morally.

Israel then is a terrorist state from the point of view of the displaced peoples of Palestine and those who sympathise with their plight or share their religious beliefs, but it is not from a Zionist perspective. Nor can the creation of Israel be considered as ‘terrorism’—and this will not be a fashionable opinion—from Nature’s standpoint. We would be blustering hypocrites if we continued to parrot statements such as “Nature’s cruel and ineluctable laws” and “might is right” then aptly fail to apportion these platitudes when to do so is not in the expressed interests of our race – that is the way of Man not of Nature.

Correspondingly, we, as White Tribalists—and even those who merely regard themselves as nationalists—, are soon to be catalogued, by the middle managers of our hostile occupation, as ‘terrorists.’ Although this is patently just wild hyperbole, from the point of view of the governors of and adherents to the status quo, we are recalcitrant renegades and rebels; we are troublesome and do not accept superficial ‘democratic’ authority and nor do we abide by the pervading political philosophies and social dogmas.

Those of our folk who bolster the ranks of the hostile occupation are extraordinary anomalies, working against their own racial group and contrary to their own longterm interests. Because of this, I find far more in common with Zionist Jews than our ‘liberals,’ even when taking into account the Jewish proclivity to behave in a manner which is generally hostile to our survival.

When our betrayers—under direction from their handlers—decide to label us with the inauspicious appellation of ‘terrorists’ (which they will do out of hatred and fear) then it is our duty not to concede and blindly follow a path that will inevitably lead to our incarceration or even death. We are not terrorists and neither were the first Israelis. Our cause is also for an exclusive homeland, one in which we may aspire to our lofty goal, that being the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind. This is not the doctrine of terrorists but of freedom fighters; of those attempting to withstand and counter the noxious hindrances of an inimical regime.

Those who seek to destroy us are our enemies and those members of our own race who willingly implement genocide against us are the lowest form of barely human traitor. We can readily comprehend why our genetic competitors might wish to eradicate us and we can even understand their most subtle gambits, but to usher in the annihilation of the self and of ones posterity for immediate, material gain is wholly alien to us. Genuine evil is to be found in the ‘liberal’ politicians, academics, intellectuals, commentators, industrialists, executives, celebrities, et al,; it is here that the real extremists and terrorists of our time are to be found.


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