The Easy Conspiracy

It is easier to believe in conspiracy theories than it is to make sense of what can often be a complex and uncomfortable set of circumstances. This is the reason ‘the Jews’ are on the receiving end of the blame for everything wrong with our lives–including why you haven’t won the lottery yet–and why it appears to many (White) nationalists that the ‘great conspiracy’ is just too far-reaching, too ingrained, and too formidable to be countered; it is an important factor in the generally enervated and despondent outlook on life many (White) nationalist have inflicted upon their contemporaries; it is why we “can’t do anything because the Jews will always stop us.*”

Conspiracies are all-pervasive, in fact the exist few meaningful subjects untouched by the furtive wisdom of the plot hunters. One such a conviction–which veteran ex-BNP activist Joe Owens has convinced himself must be true**–relates to the current Chairman of the British National Party, Adam Walker. The charge is as follows:

Adam Walker teaches karate to children. The State allows this to continue and the nutcases that make up the Left have not burned down or picketed Adam’s dojo. In putting these components together, Mr Owens has concluded that Adam Walker is “an agent of the secret state.”***

I am not a fan of the BNP and I could not care any less for Adam Walker (a man who claimed with sincerity that “the people are always right”), but I also am loathed to swallow covin pills – and this example is a convenient way of making an important point. Allow me to speculate on the Adam Walker Secret State script:

Mr Walker is not a very influential person. The BNP has, to all intends and purposes, been flushed down the latrine politic, and the man himself is uncharismatic, ideologically unsound, has publicly disgraced himself by slashing the bicycle tyres of three of young boys he cashed, and he seems, on the surface, to be being manipulated by an alleged former(?) drug-dealer who became party treasurer during the late Griffin-era. In short, Walker is what we might refer to as a compromised character.

Would it not serve the interests of our overlords and their lackeys (from the moronic red thugs that parrot idle slogans and drink all day, to the politician, who indulges much in the same manner, although with more refined beverages and, of course, prostitutes – of both genders) to allow such a man a free rein? Why even bother interfering with the BNP while it is in such a sorry and dejected sate? The same could be said for ‘the movement’ generally, although I will not go that far – at least not in this essay.

With Adam Walker at the helm, the opponents of political (White) nationalism need not fear; he is as impotent as he is incompetent. It does not serve the purposes of these opponents to draw public attention to the persecution of the BNP by having the spitting, stinking red mob deposit themselves outside Walker’s dojo, waving silly placards. Why would they gift him–and the party–the free advertising? No doubt such action would also result in a donation campaign and increased membership.

I fear that our own ineptitude is enough in this case, I really do not see why the establishment (or the ‘secret state’) would feel the requirement to ruffle its keen feathers. The elusive Nick Griffin quite clearly revelled in surrounding himself with frauds, freaks, and ineffectual sycophants, so how can nationalists expect anything more from his successor? The problem with nationalism is not necessarily the environment (in other words, our hostile occupation) it is with nationalists themselves, their motivations, their judgements, and their chronic naivety. As the old–frequently forgotten or, more likely, ignored–axiom states: one gets the leaders one deserves, and so we witness the goings on within the BNP, et al.

And this is true for the race as a whole. If it was not for the congenital peculiarity that exists within us (our Aryan Morality) then when we opened up the known world via our technological genius, we would not have experienced undue issues with Jews or any other competing genetic tribe, we would have simply–and thoroughly–annihilated them. Now that we have sanctioned our overlords to mould us into superficial, materialistic, democratic, human tiddlywinks, only perpetual conspiracy theories suffice to fulfil our avidity for answers to our predicament.

We are unenthusiastic when it comes to assessing our own failings and reluctant to take upon ourselves any responsibility. The reason is because we have degenerated to the point that we are now, on the average, unfit for the difficult task of survival. Thus we must have others to blame and preferably these ‘others’ should dwell in the shadows and not in the mirror. We are caged eunuchs squabbling over the last bread crust while we muttering about who is to blame for our sorry plight.

Before the end, we will be obliged to ask the following immortal query of ourselves:

To be, or not to be- that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.

Until we take responsibility for our future and submit to Idea that we are the sole stewards of our race and it is our duty to ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of our kind, no matter the cost; until we can accept the truth of White Tribalism and Conscious Community Building, there is no urgent requirement for our cruel masters to meddle in our internal affairs. So long as the television remains on, our hobbies keep us busy, and the conspiracy theories flow, our march towards extinction will continue unabated.

*This is paradoxical when consideration is given to the herds of (White) nationalists who still flog the long dead horse of democracy and appear to believe that their monumental conspiracies of an omnipotent and malevolent agency does not extend to the spheres of parliamentary politics and voter influence…

**I occasionally visit Joe Owens’s YouTube channel. A comrade of mine has a lot of respect for Joe, although I have not met him personally and, as you will read, I am not particularly keen on or convinced by his more outlandish conjectures.

***There is a word I wish would be used more often in nationalist circles: meretricious (and just in case the neo-Marxists have altered its meaning in the latest iteration of the English dictionary, my definition is something which is apparently attractive but has little genuine value).


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