This made me laugh

A comment from a titan of nationalism, John de Nugent, regarding Jack Sen – remember him, the ex-UKIP, quarter Indian, Great White Hope of British nationalism? Jack is now with the defunct BNP. This from Joe Owens’s YouTube channel:


The “attractive, intelligent and charming” Jack Sen:


LINK: Jack Sen and his Indian Grandfather.

I was at a London Forum event when Sen was pulled out of the hat as a surprise speaker – which was certainly a shock to me! I have never seen a grown man ingratiate himself so enthusiastically in all my life; he went through the attendees like a dose of salts.

I wonder what sort of a bone the establishment will throw us next? Can we have Clarkson or maybe even a reformed Prescott please? I think de Nugent might prefer a hero with a slightly swarthier complexion however…


8 thoughts on “This made me laugh

  1. ragsmakepaper says:

    I won’t publish the tirades left by Jack’s (White) wife. Needless to say she is very angry, although I am not entirely sure why. She has chosen to mate with a mixed race man who thinks he is a nationalist – that is her problem not mine. If it wasn’t for John de Nugent’s amusing, misguided, and down right ridiculous comment, Jack Sen wouldn’t have been mentioned at all. In fact, I had forgotten all about him until Joe Owens brought him up.


  2. Anna says:

    The fact you troll people doing good work is disgusting. my guess is youre eating well with all those shekels coming in. I will find out who you are and then the games will truly begin….My guess you aren’t married and if you are your wife is ugly, youre ugly and your kids are ugly. theres no doubt in my mind..>I tell my husband all the time not to get involved with ‘nationalism’ as theres too much traitorous Marxist internationalist sscum like you infecting it. still, he loves Britain and wants to help save it from traitors like you.if youi have an ounce of balls youll write to Jack and reveal yourself COWARD


  3. Wolf of the Sun says:

    Anna’s use of the word “traitor” is interesting, and suggestive of a lack of reflection. Glass houses, stones . . .


  4. John Londen says:

    Quote from Jack’s wife: “My guess you aren’t married and if you are your wife is ugly, youre ugly and your kids are ugly. theres no doubt in my mind..”

    A charming lady. Nationalism is welcome to have her.


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