Sen in the Clowns…

I’ve just been sent this:

LINK: Nick Grifford exposed! Vile evil nasty man who is probably a Jew… or Matt Tait of Western Spring… or Matt Tait’s lover… has a third nipple… is ugly and ginger… might be Elvis…

A very shoddy hatchet job by Jack Sen, his wife, and John de Nugent (the self-proclaimed reincarnation of a Third Reich German) at some civic nationalist website called the “European Knights Project,” which is clearly nothing more than a platform for Jack Sen and the deluded John de Nugent to make up rubbish and beg for donations.

Just to be clear, it isn’t my fault that Jack’s wife married a man who is a quarter Indian or that John de Nugent has been caught out funding him – there is no need to go bat shit crazy and make up stories.

Check out the link if your sides can stand it.

An interesting “fact” from Sen and de Nugent’s EKP website:

One minute Nick Grifford is Matt Tait of Western Spring:


And the next minute, not:


Jack Sen just can’t stop himself from lying and spreading false information. From one of the many unpleasant comments left on this site by Sen:


Note the IP address:


The same IP address:

“This is the first time I’ve written.”

Jack Sen must take nationalists for idiots. I have challenged him to produce screenshot of all the nasty things he has alleged, but, not surprisingly, none were forthcoming.

UglyJackSenFailed UKIP candidate Jack Sen

“White, brown, yellow – it doesn’t make a difference to me as long as they are good for the country.”

P.S. All the fuss at the (partially) European Knights Project has given this blog quite a bit of attention. Yesterday was nearly–though not quite–the ‘best day ever’ this year in terms of unique hits. If you have come here from reading the nonsense Jack Sen & Co. are spouting then please feel free to read a few of my articles or even ask a question or two.

P.P.S. I am not wasting anymore time on these clowns. After a quick search online I have discovered that this is just what Jack Sen and John de Nugent do. All comments (the good, the bad, and the ugly) have been removed.


10 thoughts on “Sen in the Clowns…

  1. Wolf of the Sun says:

    Jack. Doesn’t. Get. It. He’s outside the gene pool, pissing in. The “European Knights” don’t get it either: “Sen(d) in the clowns. There ought to be clowns. Don’t worry, they’re here.” Same old rock, same old hill, same old exhausting pushing and shoving, same old waste of time. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got. And what, precisely, has White Nationalism got? And then there’s the Indian/Aryan grandfather thing. By that logic, Southall must be the capital of the New Thousand Year Reich. But it isn’t, is it. No, of course it isn’t. Not sure if I’m laughing or crying.


  2. Anna says:

    Grifford, Wolf sun, rags make paper and WS ALL THE SMAE. goods thing is NO ONE EVEN READS ANY OIF YOUR SHITE sites. got it? Youre done. watch as the who’s who in nationalism tears you apart all over the net. the article has been read 23,000 times and has 500 shares on it already. goodbye 🙂 No one will even read this article. And your WIN is next. exposed as a money making scam…..ahhaahhahha
    You should really think twice before ragging on AA, JDN, NG, JS, BA, and the other people you’ve slagged off. toodles ugly ginger cunt


    1. ragsmakepaper says:

      You see! Mrs Sen also hates White folk with red hair! What a nasty lot these “European Knights” are.

      I will attempt to decipher those acroyms:

      AA = Andrew Anglin, the man who hates White women but loves the Asian variety;
      JDN = John de Nugent, the self-proclaimed reincarnation of a “Third Reich Man;”
      NG = Nick Griffin (enough said);
      JS = Jack Sen, the quarter Indian White nationalist;
      BA? No doubt I’ll get a comment within the next hour from the “European Knights” informing me of the indentity of this slighted paragon of White Nationalism…


    2. John Londen says:

      Mrs. Sen,

      As a man who admires you from afar, I can only say that I am disappointed with this unladylike behaviour.

      A lady of your quality should conduct herself with a little more decorum, as befits a carrier of the white genome.

      Your Secret Admirer,
      John Londen.


  3. Wolf of the Sun says:

    The oft-repeated “ugly” thing is interesting, purely for confirming superficiality of thought: beauty isn’t skin deep, of course – it’s gene deep. No-one with a genuine love of the White race would attack another White person on the grounds of their (alleged) looks. But then Anna abandoned all of that when she ran up the off-White flag and surrendered her strand of the genetic heritage.


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