WHITE Nationalism

Sadly, and in contradiction to its original meaning, nationalism today essentially refers to anyone who lives in a country and is proud of that country (including peripheral phenomena, such as the geology) or its past achievements. This inevitably results in many non-indigenous persons claiming to be a nationalists, with their declarations being galvanised in the public domain should they also happen to be naturalised citizens.

This means that the ageing Pakistani couple on the bus could well be nationalists; the racially-mixed football supporter could also be a dyed-in-the-wool nationalist; the Jewish business-owner (be it a Soho sex shop or a jewellery store) might well also be a hardline nationalist; even an asylum seeker, who heartily lauds his new land and government, might as well be called a nationalist.

The term has been devalued to such an extent that it is now completely meaningless – that is unless it is clearly prefixed with another word, one that denotes the ethnic heritage of the individual in question. A Black Nationalist is therefore a person of wholly Black African ancestry who thinks and acts in the best interests of Blacks, while a White Nationalist performs a similar function but from a different starting point. It would be difficult include the racially mixed in either category even if their intentions are sincere and honourable.

Racially Mixed Nationalists–though few even exist–are something of a paradox and are a symptom of the strange and unnatural times we must endure. Certainly it is not the fault of the individual if they are, say, a quarter African, but it should not be within the remit of White Nationalists to embrace these nationalistically minded people. These folk are the products of something to which White Nationalists are fundamentally opposed and therefore we can share no common ground and our destinies will forever be separate.

Our nations have been governed by traitors for too many decades and the voting masses are now apathetic to the long term survival of our kind. We have been accepting non-White immigration and miscegenation for so long that the unsettling comprise (a racial suicide) has even permeated the nationalist movement. But as Newton explained, there will always be a reaction and White Nationalism was created in this firey crucible.

From the hot house of White Nationalism, White Tribalism has emerged as the principle philosophy of our age. White Tribalists understand the synchronous and inseparable relationship between race and ideology.

In the dark future we have fashioned for ourselves due to our myopia and carelessness, it will no longer be enough to simply ‘be’ White. Certainly race is the building block, but belief and apprehension has already gouged out a great schism in the White race. This gulf will continue to widen and become ever more uneven as our genocide continues unabated. But as White Tribalists persist in working together and for their best long-term interests, the future of our genetic inheritance grows brighter and more robust with every passing day.

As nationalists descend into a race-less swamp of deracinated patriots, jingoists, and “culturalists,” White Tribalism will remain firm and unyielding in its convictions. We are proud of who we are and what we achieve during our lifetimes. And we will build a better world for our progeny, no matter the cost.


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