Sen & Co. One Serious Case of “Butthurt”?

I think I have worked out what the Jack Sen/John de Nugent/European Knights Project non compos mentis campaign is all about. Perhaps this fiasco is not simply because Jack Sen would rather genuine nationalists not know about his Indian heritage.

I have marked most of Sen & Co’s comments on here as spam as they are mostly just wild rants, but here is a selection:






Notice the “Nobody reads your blog” theme?* Is this just a shabby case of net jealousy?

Here are the Alexa stats:

European Knights Project (ranked 166,568 in the UK)

EuroKnightsStats ([a personal blogsite I don’t even pay for] ranked 41,701 in the UK)


Westernspring ([a group of which I am not affiliated ranked 16,946 in the UK)


Why such petty, thin-skinned, and hateful liars are tolerated in nationalist circles is beyond me. The increasingly desperate BNP is welcome to them.

*As well as the apparent Sen family hatred of red heads and Southern Europeans. How about renaming the EKP: The Northern European (And Indian) Non-Ginger Reincarnated Nazi Project – just a thought, and no remuneration is of course expected.

[Edit] Why on Earth would you post online a photo of your wife and daughter (not the man himself, who is clearly too cowardly for such antics) holding up the Confederate flag:

SenDixie[Edit] Jack Sen is also a compulsive liar. This comment (yes, I am still getting them!) came in at 4:59pm:

Comment7Note the IP address:

Now this from the man himself at 5:55pm:

Comment8Same IP address:

Sen: “This is the first time I’ve written”?

I’ll tell you what, Jack, why don’t you post some screenshots of all the nasty things I have allegedly said–rather than just making stuff up–and I’ll decide whether or not an apology is due. If you can’t then fuck off back to the stinking hole from which you crawled.



5 thoughts on “Sen & Co. One Serious Case of “Butthurt”?

  1. Wolf of the Sun says:

    Too stupid to go to an internet cafe or just borrow someone else’s laptop. That’s the great off-White hope of British Nationalism. Good. Then it will die off sooner and only the genetically-blessed will survive.


  2. BOnele1982 says:

    The Opposition resolve these “differences of opinion” in a back room and out of the glare of publicity. It’s a practice worth emulating. If the (Barren) Knights won’t co-operate and take their material down, then just ignoring their risible incoherence would be better than wasting time and energy publicly declaiming against them, which serves only to provide ‘entertainment’ and at worst, demoralisation.


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