We Are All “Cucks” Now

The Office for National Statistics in formally Great Britain has released the annual list of the most popular baby names in England and Wales.

Of particular interest are the boys names:

1 Oliver 6,649

2 Jack 5,804

3 Harry 5,379

4 Jacob 5,050

5 Charlie 4,642

6 Thomas 4,405

7 George 4,320

8 Oscar 4,269

9 James 4,167

10 William 4,134

No doubt you will be amazed to discover that “Muhammad” is not in the top ten this year, with this Christian name [sic]–so alien to British citizens a few decades ago–reaching only number 14 on the list with 3,588 names registered. However, variations of the prophet’s moniker abound. Added to the above mentioned figure should be 2,536 (for 27th place “Mohammed”) and 1,116 (for 56th place “Mohammad”). Consequently, baby boys named in honour of the Islamic prophet actually top the list with a whopping 7,240!

And what has happened to all the baby girls born of Muslim parents, I hear you cry (or not as the case may be)? I could only find Jasmine (49th place), which is not an exclusively non-White name, and Aisha (76th place). I doubt Muslim parents defy general reproductive trends and produce far less female than male babies, so the answer is probably pretty nefarious – not that it bothers me particularly, but it is curious nonetheless…

But aside from that, is the Office for National Statistics attempting to pull the wool over our eyes by effectively splitting Jeffery, Jeffrey, and Geoffrey? Of course it is! And the controlled news media is, predictably as ever, following suit.

Cuckold: from 13th Century French cocu cuckoo; from the cuckoo’s habit of laying her eggs in another bird’s nest.

We are all “cucks” now.


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