Power Through Discipline

I will admit to very occasionally visiting the Daily Stormer (I only really do it to see if Anglin has put up another WIN podcast – not much hope of that now).

I came across the above while sniffing around today. Until all our women look like the above they will, to their audible horror and chagrin, be boycotted by Andrew and the gang!

Just another ‘this made me laugh’ post unfortunately.


Daily Stormer is basically Neo-Nazi porn.

From another website:

There seems to be some confusion.

In the blue corner there are those obsessed with a facile, homo-erotic even, vision of manhood: fantasy muscular Conan types (these daydreamers are no doubt nothing like this in real life) who view White women with a certain amount of disdain, one can only conjecture, because they do not attract the attention of attractive females. Clearly there is a sliding scale here and not every macho White Nationalist can be found at the extreme end.

In the red corner are the pathetic weaklings, the cuckolds, who are prepared to forgive every misdemeanour and take any scraps life throws at them. They fawn over White woman and are themselves unattractive because a decent, strong woman generally does not appreciate the notice of a doormat.

The reason for these human aberrations is, almost unconditionally, the world in which we have been raised. We have lost our traditions, our customary roles, and our guiding principles. White men were once powerful and thus feared no competition in relation to their women. Now they are increasingly socially impotent and some of their women, being social creatures, are deserting them.

White Nationalists are far too reactionary to offer women a secure homestead (many are still mired in the Democratic Method or harbour hollow revolutionary intentions) and so their females desert them in their droves. Rather than rectify the situation and begin building new nations in which strength, honour, integrity, honestly, and mutual respect are enforced and become the norm, White Nationalists have–forever the reactionaries–have simply lashed out and have instigated yet another blame game. The masters of the planet are laughing up their sleeves.

What those obsessed with everything Third Reich–such as the curious characters who frequent the Daily Stormer–fail to appreciate is that about the person (either in his pocket or in a locket around his neck) of every brave young man who marched into war was the image of his fair maiden, the one he had left behind but who had assured him before they departed that they would meet again. White Nationalists need to grow up, become REAL men, and stop making excuses, or they will end their days as irrelevant, worthless “warriors;” cantankerous old conspiracy theorists living alone as the world they have failed to change collapses.

The man who is compelled to fight out hatred or even frustration is no match for the man who has something to live for. Only the gods can stop such men, and then there is always a reckoning.

My Wife and Mistress, drive thy fears away,
Nor give so bad an Omen to the Day:
Think not it lies in any Grecian’s Pow’r,
To take my Life before the fatal Hour.
When that arrives, nor good nor bad can fly
Th’ irrevocable Doom of Destiny.
Return, and, to divert thy thoughts at home,
There task thy Maids, and exercise the Loom,
Employ’d in Works that Womankind become.
The Toils of War, and Feats of Chivalry
Belong to Men, and most of all to me.
At this, for new Replies he did not stay,
But lac’d his Crested Helm, and strode away.
His lovely Consort to her House return’d,
And looking often back in silence mourn’d:
Home when she came, her secret Woe she vents,
And fills the Palace with her loud Laments;
These loud Laments her echoing Maids restore,
And Hector, yet alive, as dead deplore.

LINK: On MGTOW, White Nationalism and the Issues between Men and Women


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