To Mr Sen

Thank you for your continued interested in this blog site.

You have now “officially” requested that I remove content which mentions you. The communication was referred to as private message so I will keep the full contents to myself for the time being. Unfortunately your request is also littered with abuse and attempted insults–which appears to be par of the course–and I, unlike others, do not bow to such pressure.

If, however, you would like to ask me politely and apologise for fabricating false facts and attributing invented and slanderous quotations to myself, then I may well reconsider.

As for de Nugent–from what I have been shown–he appears to enjoy a very poor reputation among White Nationalists in America (and now the UK) and some of the things he has said in the past are, quite frankly, ridiculous bordering on the utterly tragic. I think Mr de Nugent needs serious psychiatric help.

And let’s get a few things straight:

I have only shown interest in you because you are a non-White masquerading as a White Nationalist. I have no interest in your wife or your daughter and I have not publicly called the former a “race-mixer” nor the latter a “mongrel.” Civic, Right-wing groups, such as UKIP, are where you belong. Sadly, the BNP has also become such an anti-White entity.

Other comments you have ascribed to me in an effort to smear my reputation, such as the terrible insults to White South Africans, are lies; which makes you, Jack Sen, a liar.

If I would have known you were to give a speech at the London Forum I would have reconsidered giving my own. Now that we have ‘gotten to know’ each other better, the next time we meet–because the nationalist world is very small indeed–I will have no problem at all personally elucidating my point of view in the strongest possible terms.

So here are the terms:

Apologise to me on your website (claim it was a misunderstanding or whatever you want), remove all your lies from wherever they have been posted, and de Nugent does the same.

In return I will then remove any prior reference to you on this blog site and put all this unpleasantness in the past.

[Edit – No apology, just more playing at being the victim.

Apart from a bit of piss-taking, highlighting that Sen has Indian heritage, and later that he is a liar, I have done little else but mount a defence against an onslaught of nonsense and vitriol. And all that from this very blog. Links:

May: Occidental Observer Interviews (ex UKIP) Jack Sen

August: This made me laugh

August: Sen in the Clowns…

August: Sen & Co. One Serious Case of “Butthurt“?

Sen, I had forgotten about you grassing on those staunch White Nationalists to the police on Facebook – thanks for reminding me! Keep your lies, rumours, and made-up rubbish–you know where you can stick them–it all only serves to deepen the divide between the money-grabbing, obnoxious little frauds of the world and those who actually give a damn about the future of White People.

I’ll tell you what, Sen, if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it – simple! I certainly don’t visit the virtual bilge you call a website. If White people, including South Africans, happen to come here and form their own opinions of you and Nugent, then that is your look out – I have not reported a single falsity, unlike the “EKP”.

You, your alter ego Giacomo Vallone, and the dog killer Nugent, are a scourge. You claim you are not a White Nationalist–and any sane person can see you are not White–so I have nothing more to add.



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