REPOST: Why Jews Need Muslims

From ragsmakepaper, February 2013:

Jews, like the great majority of genetically linked groups, are tribal and, consequently, typically work in the best interests of their own collective, of the Whole. For sixty five years Zionist Jews have been closely acquainted with Arab Muslims and both societies have experienced conflict with the other.

In order to claim a homeland after World War Two, converging Jews engaged in deplorable terrorist activities against the British governors of Palestine. Having succeeded in this task, and having met with very little in the way of resistance, the Jews began to subjugate the natives of the region and proceeded to aggressively expand the boundaries of the infant “Israel”, grabbing land previously owned and occupied by her Arab neighbours. This at a time when the Occident was still reeling from two devastating and fratricidal wars. Having been born in blood and battle, Israel has rarely enjoyed peace with any of the Muslim countries edging her borders.

Through personal experience, the Jews are well aware that Islam is not only incompatible with the contemporary West, with all it’s corruption, liberalism, and credit-consumerism, but they must similarly be cognisant of the fact that Islam would seek to overwhelm Europe as it had previously attempted to do in centuries past. Muslims will not integrate into Britain as others are seemingly able and therefore conflict is the only conceivable outcome of supplanting those humans who follow Islamic teaching into the nations of those that do not. Accordingly, it is not overly specious to theorise that Muslims have been permitted to settle in Britain ostensibly for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to rub the British up the wrong way! Why would our masters risk their multicultural dream by employing such crude methods? I think it has more to do with elementary survival than any other clandestine or conspiratorial expositions.

Israel is, physically, completely isolated in the Middle East. For Europe to understand the plight of Zion, and form a necessary congenital bond, it must first be immersed in Islam. We are familiar with the dubious terminology regarding Israel being an “Island of democracy” or some such, but the herd is not really interested in democracy anymore. So how else can the hive-like minds of the human herd be ignited in support of Israel and the Jews? There are very few existential stimuli that can affect the motives and motivations of men, but three very tangible examples are fear, loathing, and conflict. Islam brings all these to Europe in large shiny red buckets.

The Jews need Muslims to radicalise Europeans and bring them to Israel’s defence. We see this strategy paying dividends before our eyes both in Britain and on the continent. An anti-Muslim nationalism – the ‘counter-jihad’ – has been woken and it is just what Dr. Cohen ordered. This new breed of nationalism is of no discernible use to us, as racial separatists, for three pertinent reasons:

1) It does not address the issue of race and racial difference;

2) It is controlled, generally via proxy, by our racial enemies;

3) It permits integration of those ethnic groups, races, and sub-species that are willing or able to adopt ‘our way of life’, whatever that may be.

It is a very clever ploy and if it were not being used against us then we could praise its deviousness and urgent sense of purpose. But we have been cast as the fool once again and if we do not become aware of this situation then it will play out exactly as our masters intend. I am not suggesting that we instigate an alliance with radical Islam, but I do encourage nationalists to waft away the smoke and look past the mirrors.

Although we seem fated to represent the eternal fool on the world stage during nearly every epoch, there is only so much white race to go around and eventually the planet will run out of this, its most precious resource. In this particular act, white liberals and anti-racists have proven themselves to be the most astigmatic of useful idiots. Let us start thinking for ourselves and begin to gradually carve out our own destiny, separate from Israel, the Jews, Muslims, and the other non-whites that have been emptied on us. Let us begin to build a New Tribe of white people whose initial consideration and further reflection on all matters is what good for my race? Because it is sweet and right to live for one’s race. It is also incumbent upon us to identify our enemies and perceive their most carefully concealed plans and intentions.


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