It’s The Jews, Stupid!


It could be rampaging lions, a terrible yeast infection, or a plague of paedophiles, but talking about it is not going to solve the problem.

What is to be done about it?

Our people have been positioned exactly where the Jews, and their accomplices, what them; they are a stupefied concretion of human material with only genetic potential as their saving grace.

We could shout, “It’s the Jews, stupid!” at them until we get throat cancer, be we would just be wasting our time.

We could all huddle around news events online and comment furiously amongst ourselves, bickering over subtle philosophical nuances like the masochists and hobbyists of the internet message boards.

We could ignore the problem altogether and instead start-up a democratic party in a futile attempt to win over a brain-washed, morally bankrupt herd of consumers who would rather peel off their own skin than associate with a blacklisted political group.

Or we could pursue something far more productive, dragging our tired eyes and buzzing brains away from this virtual fantasy world and begin working towards something better with actual human beings (both men and women) who feel similarly.

This is how:

LINK: A Guide to the New Movement

Originally posted in five parts:

LINK: The New Movement (Part 1)

LINK: The New Movement (Part 2)

LINK: The New Movement (Part 3)

LINK: The New Movement (Part 4)

LINK: The New Movement (Part 5)

No more excuses. Let us take the first steps towards a brighter future.

“But they won’t let you!”

Who said that? We are not asking for anyone’s permission…


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